Alaska Edu Email Address List

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EmailFull NameTitleSource
********@alaska.eduHeather PaulsenDirector, grants and contracts servicesNetWork
********@alaska.eduEve goodSenior regional sales managerLinkedin
**********@alaska.eduErich berningerVice president-supply chainLinkedin
********@alaska.eduJohn seidlerDirector professional relationsLinkedin
***************@alaska.eduSusanne anielloVice president, director of network operationsLinkedin
*****@alaska.eduAnela kaikalaHelp desk coordinatorLinkedin
*****@alaska.eduDonna crowleyInformation technology operatorLinkedin
*************@alaska.eduRaymond davisAssistant-sales and marketingLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduJulie dunhamHoneywell labs-facilitiesLinkedin
******************@alaska.eduMichelle crociattoDirector inservice training/edLinkedin
*************@alaska.eduCarissa dupuySenior web developerLinkedin
************@alaska.eduCindy rungerSales and marketing managerLinkedin
************@alaska.eduLarry boniniSenior vice president global sales, supportLinkedin
***********@alaska.eduLarry bodinExecutive vice president/chief operating officerLinkedin
**********@alaska.eduTom capirchioSoftware engineering managerLinkedin
********@alaska.eduPaul rougeauChief purchasing officerLinkedin
************@alaska.eduChris gammonSan francisco sales representativeLinkedin
***********@alaska.eduDana martinQuality control directorLinkedin
**************@alaska.eduDave thibodeauSales managerLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduJennifer baileySafety managerLinkedin
******************@alaska.eduJonathan camaclangSenior manager, global network servicesLinkedin
****************@alaska.eduSanjeev krishnanSoftware engineerLinkedin
**************@alaska.eduMichael merkelTechnical sales executiveLinkedin
************@alaska.eduLaura winnerManager of salesLinkedin
**@alaska.eduJanet shanehanNursing home directorLinkedin
****************@alaska.eduDennis alexanderPresident, finance-other, sales and marketing staff, sales and marketing staffLinkedin
******@alaska.eduPatty friesPurchasing managerLinkedin
*************@alaska.eduNick petermanTechnology/computer coordinatorLinkedin
***************@alaska.eduNorberto traubeSenior vice president, world wide sales and alliancesLinkedin
***************@alaska.eduPatricia snyderOwnerLinkedin
************@alaska.eduPamm Zierfuss-HubbardContracts managerLinkedin
**********@alaska.eduMark OldmixonDirector of the department of recreation adventure and wellnessLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduHeather AranaHuman resources analystLinkedin
**********@alaska.eduMarianne FreelongCustomer service manager - facilities servicesLinkedin
**********@alaska.eduEdward TinajeroParking coordinatorLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduSandy OcamposAdmission specialistLinkedin
*************@alaska.eduLincoln SaitoDirector chukchi campusLinkedin
************@alaska.eduMark BillingsleyIp and contracts directorLinkedin
*************@alaska.eduClara JohnsonDirector interior aleutians campusLinkedin
******@alaska.eduWilliam CoxActing director of maintenanceLinkedin
************@alaska.eduDarcy HarrodDirector, brand and creativeLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduChristi BellAssociate vice provast and bei executive directorLinkedin
***********@alaska.eduKari HalversonDesignerLinkedin
************@alaska.eduLeslie ShallcrossProfessorLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduRomina KlineInstructorLinkedin
**********@alaska.eduStephen StephensInstructorLinkedin
*****@alaska.eduJenny LiuAssistant professorLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduRebecca BullmanLcsw, macLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduDiane NobleInstructorLinkedin
********@alaska.eduBrian RasleyAssistant professorLinkedin
********@alaska.eduRichard GuritzSpecial projects managerLinkedin
******@alaska.eduSue HillsOutreach coordinator, ak inbre, ak bioprepLinkedin
*****************@alaska.eduMichelle BartlettDirector, summer sessions and lifelong learningLinkedin
**************@alaska.eduAllison CarterDonor relations directorLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduJennifer CarrollAssistant professor of rural developmentLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduJason TheisDirectorLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduTeri LangtonAssiciate director office of grants and contracts administratopmLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduJames RuppertProfessorLinkedin
************@alaska.eduStacey HowdeshellCatalog and curriculum coordinatorLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduPiotr KawkaContract managerLinkedin
*****@alaska.eduPavel IzbekovResearch associateLinkedin
********@alaska.eduJodi BaxterIn progressLinkedin
**********@alaska.eduJoseph ThompsonAssociate professor of philosophy and humanitiesLinkedin
********@alaska.eduKimberly StewartProfessorLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduDonna LaitiHuman resources consultantLinkedin
********@alaska.eduPatrick PlattetAssociate professorLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduAnthony McguireProfessor of ecologyLinkedin
********@alaska.eduKaren EnochsFiscal officerLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduSergei AvdoninProfessorLinkedin
**************@alaska.eduMargo GriffithHuman resources consultant and process improvement facilitatorLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduTom TrainorProfessorLinkedin
*****@alaska.eduGang ChenProfessor of mining engineeringLinkedin
**************@alaska.eduYanci BrownsonTravel coordinator- fiscal technician iiLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduDon JohnsonAcademy directorLinkedin
*******@alaska.eduDan BrossReporter and producerLinkedin
********@alaska.eduRebecca ConnerPayroll managerLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduSabine SiekmannAssistant professor of linguistics and foreign languagesLinkedin
****************@alaska.eduChristopher WainwrightPurchasing agentLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduLeslie SandersNoneLinkedin
*********@alaska.eduJason SebringNoneLinkedin
Name: Center for Corporate and Professional Development
Founded: 1954
Address: 312 tanana drive, suite 202
City: anchorage
Country: US
Industry: higher education
Postal Code: 99508
SIC: 822101
State: AK

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