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EmailFull NameTitleSource
******@argosy.eduMartin smithControllerNetWork
*******@argosy.eduRichard BooromPresidentNetWork
*******@argosy.eduPerry SuzanneWodNetWork
*********@argosy.eduCindy scarlettProgram chair, businessNetWork
*********@argosy.eduKrista D SpeicherDepartment chair, marriage and family therapyNetWork
********@argosy.eduMaxine StewartStudent services-office managerNetWork
*************@argosy.eduNicole Esquer-RaggeChairNetWork
*******@argosy.eduJustin BroganDepartment chairNetWork
**********@argosy.eduZachary LundquistAdmissions representativeNetWork
******@argosy.eduNicole Esquer RaggeChairNetWork
*******@argosy.eduCynthia barreraCardiac cath lab directorLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduAlan ostrowDirector of signature technologiesLinkedin
******@argosy.eduCharles gruyeChief information officerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduCedric martinSecretary, treasurer and directorLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduLeaf danielDirector asia-pacific center for security studiesLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduBrenda cassFinancial advisorLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduBrian mellingerDirector of securityLinkedin
******@argosy.eduJoseph helmeProgram director respiratory careLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduEd austinDirector of securityLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduRick hubinaDirector industrial propertiesLinkedin
********@argosy.eduShirley gabrielChief information officerLinkedin
******@argosy.eduRobert lyonsGroup vice president north america marketing, sales and serviceLinkedin
**********@argosy.eduHugo st-pierreSoftware analystLinkedin
******@argosy.eduHarry bryanChief financial officerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduNeal fisherPresidentLinkedin
******@argosy.eduJim loperBusiness intelligence directorLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduReed shniderCardiology directorLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduWalsh mikeRegional directorLinkedin
******@argosy.eduTino simonGlobal learning and development program managerLinkedin
******@argosy.eduJudy jonesChief information officerLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduMichael mahlerMerchandising vice presidentLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduDonna williamsDirector of eventsLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduDan marshallLearning management systemsLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduRavi peethalaControllerLinkedin
**********@argosy.eduGreg heinrichsNational cooperative learning coachLinkedin
********@argosy.eduJason gilmoreSenior manager, learning and performanceLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduAshish bansalMedical director, dermatologyLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduLisa pyrczakMarketing directorLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduMichael sheridanChief organizational officerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduNorbert thomesLearning services and systems coordinatorLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduCarl mennieFinance executiveLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduTimothy swindleAssistant department head, planetary sciences, lplLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduHeather hornerSenior training managerLinkedin
**********@argosy.eduEd apfelbachDirector, business consultingLinkedin
******@argosy.eduCaitlyn mccoyAssistant director-nutrit servicesLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduBrent bissellAssociate vice presidentLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduBryan benedictDirector of emergency roomLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduDale butlerDirector of golf, indian wells country clubLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduKen strumDirector of pharmacy, rphLinkedin
******@argosy.eduMike fioreDeputy program directorLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduDean, AnneSenior director of communicationsLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduMiniru ColeSenior admission representative (inside sales/recruiting)Linkedin
*****@argosy.eduKristie CaroEvents and promotions managerLinkedin
********@argosy.eduChristine HawkinsOwnerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduTyvon ChisumHuman resources administratorLinkedin
********@argosy.eduAndrea ZawackiMarketing manager student acquisition/retentionLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduCandice MceachenMarketing and event coordinatorLinkedin
******@argosy.eduCate WeberAdministrationLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduSamuel EdgestonDrLinkedin
**********@argosy.eduArgosy UniversityAdministrative assistantLinkedin
************@argosy.eduDoris Vander WieleRegional vice president marketing and admissionsLinkedin
******@argosy.eduRebecca AdamsNational social media marketing and community coordinatorLinkedin
********@argosy.eduDanielle McclainSocial media managerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduProf HarlowAssociate professor/associate director of trainingLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduKim OusleyDirectorLinkedin
******@argosy.eduNellis AmandaDirector of counseling trainingLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduDavid WorkVice chancellor, chief financial officerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduWendy CullenVice chancellor of admissionsLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduRoger NussbaumAdmission representativeLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduPat BayersProfessorLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduCarolyn TuckerSenior director, communicationsLinkedin
********@argosy.eduDavid DehavenDean, graduate school of business and managementLinkedin
******@argosy.eduRossina RuanoHuman resources representativeLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduJeremiah GalvanekAssistant director of admissionsLinkedin
******@argosy.eduJim PhdOnline adjunct professorLinkedin
******@argosy.eduMatthew RowanAdmissions directorLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduAllen RopieckiDepartment chairLinkedin
******@argosy.eduMary LauerAssociate professor of educationLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduRaphael ZieglerProgram chairLinkedin
**************@argosy.eduHarlen WilliamsHousing program managerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduVieaux TristenAssistant director of admissionsLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduKatrina DennisonAssociate registrarLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduKhandi BourneEducatorLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduAndy SuthAssociate professor and psychologistLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduJordan DanielleAssociate professorLinkedin
********@argosy.eduDavid NazarukAdmissions representativeLinkedin
************@argosy.eduLee MockenhauptInstructorLinkedin
******@argosy.eduPrine KennethAssistant director of admissionsLinkedin
********@argosy.eduKimberly FajardoStudent workerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduDeborah KerrisDirector of student financeLinkedin
************@argosy.eduRegina MerriwetherAdjunct professorLinkedin
*********@argosy.eduKathleen CornettChair, college of businessLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduJohn StofanSenior director of admissionsLinkedin
******@argosy.eduFrancis NicolProfessor of practiceLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduCarl DavisProfessorLinkedin
*****@argosy.eduKiran AminProfessorLinkedin
**********@argosy.eduWentlandt ShawnaFinancial aid officerLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduConnie BrewerOnline adjunct facultyLinkedin
*******@argosy.eduLarna RuskinNoneLinkedin
***@argosy.eduKevin YuNoneLinkedin
Name: University Of Sarasota
Founded: 2001
Address: 5250 17th St Unit 3
City: sarasota
Country: US
Industry: colleges & universities
Postal Code: 34235
SIC: 822101
State: FL

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