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EmailFull NameTitleSource
******@arizona.edu[Not Provided]Senior director of development, eller college of managementNetWork
*****@arizona.eduThomas kleinManaging member, kleincpa and distinguished teaching professor, university of arizonaNetWork
********@arizona.eduKatie maxwellSenior lecturer and associate director, school of accountancyNetWork
************@arizona.eduAndrew quinnDirector of agency operationsLinkedin
****@arizona.eduMark WillerComputational researcher in genomicsLinkedin
**************@arizona.eduBruce blackmonFood service directorLinkedin
******@arizona.eduSam zubakInformation technology analystLinkedin
******@arizona.eduRobert PalleschiChief compliance officerLinkedin
*****@arizona.eduAndrew bethDirector analystLinkedin
************@arizona.eduJohn harfordNetwork directorLinkedin
************@arizona.eduRobert steelDirectorLinkedin
********@arizona.eduPriany hadiatmodjoTraining specialistLinkedin
***********@arizona.eduKirk howardRegional sales representativeLinkedin
**************@arizona.eduKaren rotsteinChief information officerLinkedin
***********@arizona.eduAlan aronowAssistant directorLinkedin
**************@arizona.eduMonica beasleyDivision sales managerLinkedin
********@arizona.eduJay pareSales analystLinkedin
****************@arizona.eduClaire gallagherProject managerLinkedin
******@arizona.eduPatrick myersInformation technology directorLinkedin
******@arizona.eduJanes reynoldsDirector respiratoryLinkedin
************@arizona.eduRobin thiersSenior sap basis security administratorLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduBruce harringtonManager of business developmentLinkedin
*********@arizona.eduBj martisInformation technology control specialistLinkedin
*****@arizona.eduRandy scodellaroTechnology deanLinkedin
*****************@arizona.eduRosemary phillipsSenior vice president human resourcesLinkedin
****************@arizona.eduSarah hutchinsonGlobal transition management director-tm center of excellenceLinkedin
**********@arizona.eduTim parhamChief technology officerLinkedin
************@arizona.eduTracey weberTraining and development consultantLinkedin
********@arizona.eduBob cookSenior product manager, siebel e - salesLinkedin
************@arizona.eduRaymond rossDirector of sales for the americasLinkedin
********@arizona.eduDeanna stockerTraining managerLinkedin
***********@arizona.eduSheryl bunnSenior director, energy servicesLinkedin
*********@arizona.eduHeather ADirector of alumni relationsLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduMark NapierAssociate director of operationsLinkedin
*****@arizona.eduJames TumlinsonSenior telephone services coordinatorLinkedin
********@arizona.eduDerek MassethDeputy chief information officer and chief technology officerLinkedin
******@arizona.eduNorma OrtegaAssistant director, residence life human resources, residence lifeLinkedin
***********@arizona.eduTodd MillayAssistant directorLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduTashara EvansPrincipal accountantLinkedin
********@arizona.eduBeth LopezBusiness manager, procurement and contracting servicesLinkedin
******@arizona.eduRick FrancoResearch and contracts project managerLinkedin
******@arizona.eduPaula CookResearch specialistLinkedin
******@arizona.eduTeresa BanksManager, information security and compliance programsLinkedin
******@arizona.eduLauren VidalMarketing manager, freshman recruitmentLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduLiz Warren-PedersonDirector of marketing and communicationsLinkedin
**************@arizona.eduMelody BucknerDirector of digital learning initiatives and online educationLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduPamela JonesDirector, human resources servicesLinkedin
***@arizona.eduEric KayHuman resources organizational consultantLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduMark FastjeIt buyerLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduTeddy LopezAnalyst managerLinkedin
********@arizona.eduMichael UrquidezTelecommunications systems technicianLinkedin
**********@arizona.eduJohn DenkerSenior director of marketingLinkedin
********@arizona.eduTodd MerrittPrincipal systems programmerLinkedin
********@arizona.eduTimothy PriceManager, retail operations, arizona state museumLinkedin
*****@arizona.eduJulie SmithBusiness manager grants and finance vice president for regional development outreach and global initiativesLinkedin
*****@arizona.eduMyra MuramotoProfessorLinkedin
***@arizona.eduScotty DreisbachLaboratory managerLinkedin
****************@arizona.eduCharles TouseullPurchasing card administratorLinkedin
********@arizona.eduCarol EvansManager, grants-contracts, engineering experiment stationLinkedin
******@arizona.eduMoira AndreProgram managerLinkedin
******@arizona.eduJimmy NimockMarketing coordinatorLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduLana ObrienCoordinator, grants and contracts, cancer ctrLinkedin
*************@arizona.eduKaren WilliamsDean of libraries, interim vice-presidentLinkedin
****@arizona.eduGuy K McarthurApplications systems analyst, senior, lplLinkedin
********@arizona.eduCristina HarringtonDirector-human resourcesLinkedin
*************@arizona.eduKenneth AmuriIt support techLinkedin
***********@arizona.eduBlaine MuirLab techLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduKhalil SalmanResearch fellowLinkedin
******@arizona.eduJenell BiggsSenior legislative assistantLinkedin
*****@arizona.eduTom TheodorakisAssociate athletics director, developmentLinkedin
********@arizona.eduMargaret BriehlProfessorLinkedin
********@arizona.eduDiane HartmanDirector of marketing and resource initiativesLinkedin
********@arizona.eduVictor CorderoTeam lead, student computing resourceLinkedin
********@arizona.eduGary WindhamSenior enterprise system architectLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduKris EvansChief information officerLinkedin
*********@arizona.eduMark RobertsProject manager, information technologyLinkedin
*******@arizona.eduJenna ElmerAssistant director of human resources, facilities managementLinkedin
**************@arizona.eduMatthew SmileySalt student technology consultantLinkedin
********@arizona.eduRobert RodriguezNoneLinkedin
*****@arizona.eduWarren BeckNoneLinkedin
********@arizona.eduGloria LeNoneLinkedin
**********@arizona.eduLucy SnyderNoneLinkedin
Name: University Of Arizona
Founded: 2013
Address: 8832 Edmonston Rd
City: berwyn heights
Country: US
Industry: colleges & univ
Postal Code: 20740
SIC: 822100
State: MD

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