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EmailFull NameTitleSource
*****@ccsnh.eduShannon ReidDirector of communicationsNetWork
*******@ccsnh.eduJohn splawnDirector, network operationsLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduChuck kellyDirector center of excellenceLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduJoe saffelChief technology officerLinkedin
*********@ccsnh.eduDouglas awturnerVice presidentLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduClive millingtonOperations directorLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduRobert casonFacility managerLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduTroy dumkeState patrol trooper, public safety departmentLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduGuy mclearRegional directorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduTimmie taylorManagerLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduGreg selvideProject managerLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduScott klebaDesktop support managerLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduAlisa Kadenic-NewmanDirector of academic technology, lmsLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduJeanne HerrickLegal counselLinkedin
*****@ccsnh.eduKaren KurzHuman resource representativeLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduMagnus PardoeNetwork administratorLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduDon WeeksDirector, information technologyLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduJason BishopAssist director of campus safetyLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduDennis stonerPresidentLinkedin
*****@ccsnh.eduJames baggPresidentLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduJennifer floccoComputer graphic project coordinatorLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduChristine collinsInformation technologysystems administratorLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduIlya kozlovskyAssistant director clinical information systemsLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduRyan moehringWeb and media specialistLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduJohn whittenburgManagement information systems directorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduCarol johnsonExecutive vice presidentLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduIrwin kirschenbaumVice president-information resourcesLinkedin
****@ccsnh.eduRandy haoInformation technology of managerLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduGene swansonComputer technology coordinatorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduRichard riggioVice presidentLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduKara GendronFood service managerLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduAngela RobergeBoard of trusteesLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduMaryanne AdamsDepartment headLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduRuth HeathUnit managerLinkedin
*********@ccsnh.eduMark JenningsAdjunct facultyLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduDonna VilsmeierAdministrative assistantLinkedin
***********@ccsnh.eduSharon RichardsonPayroll specialistLinkedin
*********@ccsnh.eduKristina GuignardTechnical support specialistLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduDonna MarceauSpanish professorLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduKim BrentDirector of financial operationsLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduFrederick DehnerAdjunct associate professorLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduMary ChurchmanProfessor nursingLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduBeverly AdamsSenior accounting technicianLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduLucyann ZellerMath professorLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduTim QuinneyTeacherLinkedin
************@ccsnh.eduMaggie Duffy-DurkinAcademic advisor/single parent program coordinatorLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduAnnette BrennanDirector of institutional and alumni developmentLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduHelen BurkeProfessor of nursingLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduCandace DolanProject coordinatorLinkedin
***********@ccsnh.eduSarah BoddysneeStudent success mentorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduJames ParentAdjunctLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduLeeann LewisDirector of institutional and alumni developmentLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduSusan PoslusznyAcademic and career advisorLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduChuck LlloydDirector of student lifeLinkedin
***********@ccsnh.eduSandra LarochelleAdjunct english teacherLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduAndy DuncanWorkforce development coordinatorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduWendy ParentBursarLinkedin
***********@ccsnh.eduKristen PurringtonDirector financial aidLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduGail ThomasProfessorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduArmand PetersProfessor-graphic artsLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduGloria MoultonSupport specialistLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduJane LahayeProfessorLinkedin
*****@ccsnh.eduMartha MottWorkreadynh program directorLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduRichard Coladarci, Sphr, Shrm-ScpAssociate vice chancellor of human resources planning and developmentLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduSara LeslieRecruitment specialistLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduKerry CleggRecruiter/site coordinator - manchester community collegeLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduSuzanne BrouilletIt director (interim)Linkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduBill ThomasDirector of risk management/system title ix coordinator/chief information security officerLinkedin
*********@ccsnh.eduSusan CloutierDirector, child development centerLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduLori VinciDepartment chair allied health sciences, director medical assistant program, professorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduLauren SmithCareer and transfer advisorLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduKimberly BrentBusiness administratorLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduKristin BriereHuman resources assistantLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduDebra MattsonAdvanced materials manufacturing program director/designerLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduMeghan EcknerNoneNetWork
*****@ccsnh.eduAimee JahnNoneLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduJulia VelieNoneLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduJulie CarusoNoneLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduBarbara AnsteyNoneLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduSarah HenryNoneLinkedin
*********@ccsnh.eduJon McnamaraNoneLinkedin
************@ccsnh.eduAmanda DevereuxNoneLinkedin
*********@ccsnh.eduCarrie GrossNoneLinkedin
********@ccsnh.eduMichael FischerNoneLinkedin
***********@ccsnh.eduJessica BuckinghamNoneLinkedin
******@ccsnh.eduBrian ChickNoneLinkedin
**********@ccsnh.eduClaudia DifruscioNoneLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.edu[email protected]NoneLinkedin
*********@ccsnh.eduSusan Huard PhdNoneLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduLori WarnerNoneLinkedin
*******@ccsnh.eduDebbie BookerNoneLinkedin
****@ccsnh.eduMelanie KirbyNoneLinkedin
Name: New Hampshire Community Techn
Founded: 1945
Address: 320 Corporate Dr
City: portsmouth
Country: US
Industry: college
Postal Code: 03801
SIC: 822299
State: NH

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