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EmailFull NameTitleSource
************@fortis.eduYvette speesDean of nursingNetWork
**************@fortis.eduStacey SwongerMedical assistantNetWork
***************@fortis.eduFrances simpsonFinancial aid advisorNetWork
*************@fortis.eduRobert lahetaDirector of career servicesNetWork
***************@fortis.eduMiranda kennedyNursing studentNetWork
***********@fortis.eduTeri BishopMedical assistantNetWork
****************@fortis.eduPauline TomechkoInstructorNetWork
*****************@fortis.eduJacqueline gombasDirector of career servicesNetWork
*************@fortis.eduMarcia ThomasBusiness office manager and human resourcesLinkedin
*********@fortis.eduJacqueline CrandellHuman resourcesLinkedin
************@fortis.eduSusan NelsonInstructorLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduChanda NelsonProgram directorLinkedin
**************@fortis.eduStephanie VeraCertifed medical assistantLinkedin
****************@fortis.eduKenneth PhillipsStudent nurseLinkedin
***************@fortis.eduTeneah ChambersAllied health directorLinkedin
***********@fortis.eduGlenda SimsDean of nursingLinkedin
****************@fortis.eduMichelle ColwellCcma and lrtLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduPennie BrightMedical administrative assistantLinkedin
********************@fortis.eduMeredith DuncanshawInstructorLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduJanice MaloneInstructorLinkedin
***************@fortis.eduDoreen OsmulskiFaculty and clinical instructorLinkedin
****************@fortis.eduWinchester StacyFacultyLinkedin
************@fortis.eduMarie ThomasInstructor and externship coordinatorLinkedin
***********@fortis.eduSheara HillInstructorLinkedin
**********@fortis.eduJanny KehrNursing instructorLinkedin
***********@fortis.eduKelly SpeirDirector of career servicesLinkedin
************@fortis.eduNancy MartinExternship coordinatorLinkedin
***************@fortis.eduKimberly DeatonAdmissions representativeLinkedin
***************@fortis.eduAngela WilliamsProgram director surgical technologyLinkedin
************@fortis.eduSean GbadeboProgram directorLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduChuck BarnettAdmissions interviewerLinkedin
*****************@fortis.eduFranchon FranklinAdmissions representativeLinkedin
**************@fortis.eduSheri WinsteadInstructorLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduAlicia ListonAssistantLinkedin
*****************@fortis.eduLindsey RutkowskiDental hygiene facultyLinkedin
***************@fortis.eduKiara JeffersonEvening receptionistLinkedin
*****************@fortis.eduPriscilla ValentiFaculty - nursingLinkedin
**************@fortis.eduKimberly ThomasNursing instructorLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduMichael HurryHvac and electrical instructorLinkedin
****************@fortis.eduAngela MalarcherAdmission servicesLinkedin
**************@fortis.eduShekelia DalesAllied health directorLinkedin
**************@fortis.eduKamala SimmonsDirector of admissionsLinkedin
************@fortis.eduBobbie NovakInstructorLinkedin
***********@fortis.eduDavid RupelNursing studentLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduShannon McraeProgram directorLinkedin
***********@fortis.eduAshley RossCareer services advisorLinkedin
************@fortis.eduMelissa RashMedical assistantLinkedin
***************@fortis.eduRobert CrothersProgram directorLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduJeffrey SmithProgram chairLinkedin
************@fortis.eduGretel ChongDirector of admissions and high school admissionsLinkedin
***********@fortis.eduJoe JogerstFinancial aid administratorLinkedin
********@fortis.eduRc JohnsSupervising dentistLinkedin
***********@fortis.eduDani DouganDental hygiene educatorLinkedin
**************@fortis.eduRausaan PowellDepartment chair of business, legal and general educationLinkedin
*******************@fortis.eduStacey MarkeljonesAdmissions counselorLinkedin
**********@fortis.eduShelly FoxInstructorLinkedin
************@fortis.eduMargie CarterDirector of nursing admissionsLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduJudy ShangrawBusiness/human resources managerLinkedin
***************@fortis.eduMichelle Antrikin-WeberBusiness office managerLinkedin
****************@fortis.eduPhillip KleinmanDirector, simulation and trainingLinkedin
*******@fortis.eduLori RiedelDental hygiene program directorLinkedin
*******@fortis.eduAnnie WoodleInstructional designerLinkedin
*************@fortis.eduMelissa KoherHuman resource managerLinkedin
*******@fortis.eduSheila Brown, ManagerManagerLinkedin
**********@fortis.eduPam Milstead, Executive DirectorExecutive directorLinkedin
*********@fortis.eduArrozo Shalizi, ManagerManagerLinkedin
********@fortis.eduKatharine Walton, PresidentPresidentLinkedin
*********@fortis.eduGuy Euliano, PresidentPresidentLinkedin
**********@fortis.eduRuth BruaginAdministratorLinkedin
*****@fortis.eduNoneCorporate admissions directorLinkedin
*********@fortis.eduDale Wieberg, Executive Vice PresidentVice presidentLinkedin
******************@fortis.eduShannon HutchinsonNoneNetWork
*******@fortis.eduPhilippe TilkinNoneLinkedin
******@fortis.eduTroy LuntNoneLinkedin
Name: Fortis College
Founded: 2008
Address: 1573 W Fairbanks Ave # 100
City: winter park
Country: US
Industry: educational service-business
Postal Code: 32789
SIC: 829929
State: FL

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