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EmailFull NameTitleSource
******@kean.eduWalter mcgeeManaging assistant director iiNetWork
*******@kean.eduRyan CramerVice president of marketingLinkedin
*****@kean.eduAngie bolzAdministrative secretary-iteaching and learningLinkedin
*****@kean.eduJacob tolkRegional directorLinkedin
*******@kean.eduYvonne julianNetwork administratorLinkedin
********@kean.eduBen keizersProduct business managerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduElizabeth waletzkoInformation technology managerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduSue maddenControllerLinkedin
********@kean.eduDennis rowinskiDirector of administrative computer servicesLinkedin
*******@kean.eduJukka vanttinenSoftware managerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduDonald harwardDirector of information systemsLinkedin
*******@kean.eduTherese stieveMarketing services managerLinkedin
*****@kean.eduBrenda clarkTransportation agency of montpelierLinkedin
*******@kean.eduRaja komatireddyOracle database administratorLinkedin
*****@kean.eduBob griewischInformation technology managerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduConnie thakarVice president marketing/applicationsLinkedin
*******@kean.eduJo fawcettManagerLinkedin
********@kean.eduRandy christianLoss prevention technology managerLinkedin
*****@kean.eduTerri deistNetwork operations center managerLinkedin
*****@kean.eduRyan mccrackenPlant operations managerLinkedin
********@kean.eduPeter armerdingChief technology officerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduKelly jenniferInternet services manager and graphic designerLinkedin
******@kean.eduAp cardsBrand design and standardsLinkedin
******@kean.eduScott purksNetworking lan administrationLinkedin
*******@kean.eduKathy summerlinVice presidentLinkedin
********@kean.eduGalina vinokurovData processing and editing managerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduJohn reaganDirector - marketing and public relationsLinkedin
******@kean.eduVerone lazioSenior database developer/database administratorLinkedin
******@kean.eduTracey lewisChief information officerLinkedin
***@kean.eduDan kellySoftware architectLinkedin
*******@kean.eduDoug hansonDirector, information technology, applicationsLinkedin
*******@kean.eduEvan heeremaDirector of career development and service learningLinkedin
********@kean.eduMike o'rourkeInformatin technology product managerLinkedin
******@kean.eduJessica meoniLead designerLinkedin
*****@kean.eduJohn varnerChief marketing officerLinkedin
******@kean.eduSteve seltzInformation technology managerLinkedin
*****@kean.eduCornelis leifPurchasing managerLinkedin
******@kean.eduAndrew sandsSupport operations commander correctionsLinkedin
*****@kean.eduPatricia nussHelp desk specialistLinkedin
********@kean.eduBob williamsInformation technology project officeLinkedin
*******@kean.eduRobert harroldSoftware developerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduMelissa VargasProfessional services specialist ivLinkedin
********@kean.eduJeanine CostaOperations assistantLinkedin
********@kean.eduLorenzia BalmerDocumentation specialistLinkedin
********@kean.eduDonna FreemanComputer and information servicesLinkedin
***@kean.eduAnthony SantoroDirector of information technologyLinkedin
******@kean.eduOfelia GomesManager - management information systemsLinkedin
*******@kean.eduErwin RauschInformation technology executiveLinkedin
******@kean.eduHolly LogueProfessor-administratorLinkedin
******@kean.eduSuh-Ling ShiueApplications analystLinkedin
********@kean.eduAlan LightfootAssistant professorLinkedin
**********@kean.eduMary FalzaranoAssistant professorLinkedin
********@kean.eduMegan PanizzaDesign adjunct professorLinkedin
********@kean.eduSharon FousheeAssistant director, eeoLinkedin
********@kean.eduCarolee StewartAssistant professorLinkedin
*****@kean.eduFelicia PopeAcademic specialistLinkedin
*******@kean.eduDaisy MccallGreeter and cashier and helpful personLinkedin
*********@kean.eduMarsha GoldbergAdjunct professorLinkedin
******@kean.eduTeddy CohenProfessorLinkedin
******@kean.eduLinda DenisEnglish teacher of students with disabilitiesLinkedin
*******@kean.eduSara TorresAdjunct professor - psychology departmentLinkedin
******@kean.eduKelly TerryProfessional staffLinkedin
*******@kean.eduYasmin GavinoRetailLinkedin
**********@kean.eduGerald OgbennayaKean university eeo lab assistantLinkedin
*******@kean.eduRobin GrahamOperations manager home depotLinkedin
******@kean.eduMaria SigalBaby-sittingLinkedin
********@kean.eduRoberto CarnevaleAdjunct professor of englishLinkedin
**********@kean.eduNoel FicarottaAdjunct professorLinkedin
*****@kean.eduJiantin WangAssistant professorLinkedin
*******@kean.eduLeke ThomasLecturerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduSasha RashidManaging assistant director, undergraduate recruitmentLinkedin
**********@kean.eduArmanda CerqueiraResearch assistantLinkedin
******@kean.eduJerome BlandAssistant manager, mens soccerLinkedin
*******@kean.eduGail FraserAssociate professor - departments of management and accountingLinkedin
*******@kean.eduAngelo RebeloTeacherLinkedin
********@kean.eduDonna FountainProfessorLinkedin
********@kean.eduHorace JacksonAccademic specialistLinkedin
*********@kean.eduTara SantilliTeacherLinkedin
*****@kean.eduOlga YeroAdministrative assistantLinkedin
*********@kean.eduJenna BonsteinServerLinkedin
**********@kean.eduHemanshu AgnihotriCreative media managerLinkedin
******@kean.eduJames IozziLecturer, college of education and career servicesLinkedin
******@kean.eduMarj KellyProfessorLinkedin
*****@kean.eduBill HoodManaging assistant directorLinkedin
*******@kean.eduMirvelyne DuboisBehavior specialistLinkedin
*******@kean.eduColleen RepoliTeacherLinkedin
********@kean.eduJoseph BerteroVice president student governmentLinkedin
******@kean.eduTom DubaySpecial education teacherLinkedin
********@kean.eduKrystal HardyNoneLinkedin
********@kean.eduMackenzie PetersNoneLinkedin
********@kean.eduTom WintersNoneLinkedin
Name: Kean University - Nancy Thompson Library
Founded: 1855
Address: 1000 Morris Ave
City: union
Country: US
Industry: colleges & univ
Postal Code: 07083
SIC: 822100
State: NJ

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