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EmailFull NameTitleSource
*******@lbwcc.eduHerb RiedellPresidentNetWork
*****@lbwcc.eduHeather OwenDirector of recruitmentNetWork
*********@lbwcc.eduTracy BundrickIndustrial electronics instructorNetWork
******@lbwcc.eduJan RileyAssistant to the director of admissionNetWork
*******@lbwcc.eduLinda HartinChief financial officerNetWork
******@lbwcc.eduRoland BrownInstitutional research technicianNetWork
*****@lbwcc.eduRichard CobbWelding instructorNetWork
*********@lbwcc.eduMackie StephensDirector of admissions and recordsNetWork
********@lbwcc.eduJennifer MaxwellWorkforce specialistNetWork
*****@lbwcc.eduDebbie smithOperations managerLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduChytania brownDirector youth servicesLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduJeanne morrisonVice president of information technologyLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduHolguer bonillaSenior directorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJames jacksonDirector patient transportationLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduRich couchChief information officerLinkedin
************@lbwcc.eduSheila goldensteinGeneral accounting managerLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduChris mccaslandDirector of network planningLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduJennifer oakliefHuman resources administratorLinkedin
****@lbwcc.eduSally tomDirector, support servicesLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduMark lavenInformation/technology services directorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduDebra raglinDirector medical recordsLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduMatthew williamsDirector of commercial developmentLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduRandal robisonChief information officerLinkedin
**********@lbwcc.eduDasha pakhomovaDirector, information resourcesLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduDennis bartaVice presidentLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduBrad blackFirst vice presidentLinkedin
**********@lbwcc.eduMissy mallicoatVice president, director, managerLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJodie johnsonSenior vice president, gmm, footwear and handbagsLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduAlyn hulseVice president of securityLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduJim riceGeneral managerLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduAnnie harrisHuman resources executiveLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduDoug averyDirector, business analysisLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduDominic madisonBand directorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduLaura cepedaSenior associate information systems business systems analystLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduCary tuckerSenior vice presidentLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduEric paulosLaboratory directorLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduParis harrisField technical support specialist directorLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduHeather broederFacilities engineer/mechanicalLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduStacey jenkinsDirector of project managementLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduPaula dohertyDirector of social servicesLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduCindy arthurDirector of human resourcesLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduJean o'connorHuman resources project managerLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduTami golanVice president of human resourcesLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduRebecca joyceWedding and event planningLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduMaylin perezHuman resources executiveLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduKerri deckerRisk management analystLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduSheila barbaSpecial events and event planningLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduLezlie valesioAccounts payable assistant, controllers officeLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduRen LemairePublic information officer/director of marketing/development/foundation liaison (advancement team)Linkedin
***@lbwcc.eduLisa PattersonPr and marketingLinkedin
*********@lbwcc.eduShannon LevitzkeDirector admLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduPeggy LintonDean of instructionLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduArlene DavisInternational and special project coordinato, history and psychology instructorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduPat PowellDirector, student support servicesLinkedin
***@lbwcc.eduLisa PattersonAdvertising, publications and foundation specialistLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJim KrudopVice presidentLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduSteve HelmsAthletic directorLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduAshley BassHuman resources coordinatorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduMisti PurvisArt instructorLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduLeigh GrissomAcademic support coordinator for student support servicesLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduDenise SaulsCosmetic arts instructorLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduDiaon CookDirector of student activities and cultural diversityLinkedin
***********@lbwcc.eduRichard MccuistianInstructorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduMary HudsonProfessorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduLynn OstbergVice president, board matters managerLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduKevin BurtchInformation technology security architect-unixLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduReed DoyleDirector, beverage procurementLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduFrances GarciaFinance executiveLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJeffrey FullerDirector, cyber and physical securityLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJudy BaileyQuality assurance directorLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduBrian BushPresidentLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduChris GlionnaHead hockey coachLinkedin
****@lbwcc.eduAnuradha RaoSoftware engineerLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduEric ChevrierSenior vice president, emea sales and operationsLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduStephane CaillotOperations managerLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduDeshonne RichmondCustomer service directorLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduDelores GoodeDirector of admissions servicesLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduJim NobleVice president, risk management and insuranceLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduPatrick CheongControllerLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJulie ParentSenior directorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduAlberto RuoccoChief information officerLinkedin
********@lbwcc.eduJude McnallyVice president/medical science liaisonLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduRichard CharwinDirector of guidanceLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJennifer TownleyHuman resources analyticsLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduSteve RiceDirector public affairsLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduPhil CavorettoDirector of disbursementsLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduAlbert MatiasDirector of securityLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduDonna BartholomewAccounting specialistLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduRobin ClouseHuman resources office managerLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduSusan SchwarzVice president of clinical operationsLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduVic UlrichArea vice presidentLinkedin
*********@lbwcc.eduMorgan JohnstonSenior vice president, general counsel, secretaryLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduShaun LampronDirector of nursing servicesLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduDavid ShawChief information officerLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduMarty PlunkettVice president of office propertiesLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduTim VincentDirectorLinkedin
*******@lbwcc.eduJacqueline HunterDirector of nursingLinkedin
*****@lbwcc.eduJudy MelansonVice president, travel and entertainment practice leaderLinkedin
******@lbwcc.eduKristy WhiteNoneNetWork
******@lbwcc.eduPeige JoseyNoneLinkedin
Name: Wallace, Lurleen B Community College
Founded: 1969
Address: 1000 Dannelly Blvd
City: andalusia
Country: US
Industry: colleges & univ
Postal Code: 36420
SIC: 822100
State: AL

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