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EmailFull NameTitleSource
**************@nau.eduMelissa rufinoDirector, marketing servicesLinkedin
*************@nau.eduAmy jeffersonHead coachLinkedin
***********@nau.eduGary taylorSenior manager, procurementLinkedin
*************@nau.eduBrandon kuntzManagement information systems systems managerLinkedin
*********@nau.eduJoe blaajManagerLinkedin
**************@nau.eduRyan galanaughFood resources directorLinkedin
*************@nau.eduAdam bergeronWater project directorLinkedin
*************@nau.eduTammy dohertyElectronic document management system training and supportLinkedin
***************@nau.eduFred kolakowskiManagerLinkedin
****************@nau.eduElaine stapletonManagerLinkedin
*****************@nau.eduFrederick yankocyPresidentLinkedin
**************@nau.eduMichaela stollSenior sales engineerLinkedin
****************@nau.eduRushikesh ubgadeDirector-digital and mobile architectureLinkedin
***********@nau.eduMickey huntInformation technology help desk support managerLinkedin
****************@nau.eduKathy passarellaTechnical training specialist, education divisionLinkedin
***************@nau.eduAzadeh vosoughiAssistant professor, electrical and computer engineering, electrical and computer enggLinkedin
**************@nau.eduWilliam webberVice president sales and marketingLinkedin
***********@nau.eduFrank odderPresidentLinkedin
**************@nau.eduFrank rodichokVoluntary soultions directorLinkedin
***************@nau.eduGeorge wincklerDistrict wide transportation driverLinkedin
*************@nau.eduAndrew kantorDevelopment managerLinkedin
***************@nau.eduScott pateanudeChief technology officerLinkedin
***************@nau.eduRosalie salvageExternal and social media managerLinkedin
*************@nau.eduYakir guttmanChief technology officerLinkedin
********@nau.eduEd barthSales managerLinkedin
************@nau.eduArthur vatesSales executiveLinkedin
************@nau.eduJohn greisenSenior vice presidentLinkedin
*************@nau.eduTherese jilekDirector of technologyLinkedin
************@nau.eduEarl terrellDirector information technology purchasingLinkedin
******@nau.eduKaitlin BakerStudentLinkedin
*****@nau.eduKayleigh LauzonSenior management (senior vice president/gm/director)Linkedin
***************@nau.eduRebecca ButcherProject directorLinkedin
****************@nau.eduJames SlebodnickSenior database administratorLinkedin
***********@nau.eduKim RamirezDatabase administration team leadLinkedin
***************@nau.eduCheryl BrothersManager, payroll servicesLinkedin
**************@nau.eduEsther CuellarAssociate directorLinkedin
****************@nau.eduRoxanne AndersonData warehouse senior analystLinkedin
***********@nau.eduTerri HayesExecutive directorLinkedin
*********@nau.eduGregory FowlerChief of policeLinkedin
**************@nau.eduWendy GarrisonInformation technology service staffLinkedin
************@nau.eduAlex AlvarezProfessor in the department of criminology and criminal justiceLinkedin
**************@nau.eduSteve BurrellChief information technology officerLinkedin
*************@nau.eduChris MichelsDirector of enterprise systemsLinkedin
*****@nau.eduHerbie DuahMedia management student workerLinkedin
*************@nau.eduBecky McgaughProcurement directorLinkedin
**************@nau.eduJon AndersonUxLinkedin
**************@nau.eduSeymour JosephPc support team leadLinkedin
***************@nau.eduSharon CardenasAssociate director, facultyLinkedin
**********@nau.eduDale KrausManagerLinkedin
*******@nau.eduChih-Hsiung TuDirector of membership and conference planning assistantLinkedin
*************@nau.eduJen FreyProgram coordinatorLinkedin
**************@nau.eduMelissa WelkerExecutive director, student success initiatives and programsLinkedin
****************@nau.eduKatie PoindexterBusiness graduate programs coordinator, marketing and recruitmentLinkedin
*****************@nau.eduEmerson ClevelandEnd user support specialist seniorLinkedin
*************@nau.eduGlenda OyatesData warehouse analyst, seniorLinkedin
***********@nau.eduRobyn SharpSenior associate athletics directorLinkedin
*************@nau.eduJustin ContreDirect response recruitment manager (digital marketing)Linkedin
***********@nau.eduTroy MarinoSenior software developer and analystLinkedin
************@nau.eduAlec HarndenEnd user computing specialistLinkedin
***************@nau.eduElizabeth GlassCefns director of career developmentLinkedin
*************@nau.eduConni BeckettBusiness manager seniorLinkedin
***********@nau.eduLea PochylaAdministrative associateLinkedin
***********@nau.eduAnthony NixCad instructorLinkedin
***************@nau.eduMichaelAssociate athletic director - student-athlete developmentLinkedin
**************@nau.eduHarper JohnsonDirector of enterprise information solutionsLinkedin
************@nau.eduSherry DennyRemove fr list - replaced by debbieLinkedin
*************@nau.eduDavid DollinsDirector for recruitment undergraduate admissions and orientationLinkedin
*************@nau.eduKarlie BurrisAssistant women's basketball coach - recruiting coordinatorLinkedin
*****************@nau.eduMaryalice MinnickPayroll specialistLinkedin
*******@nau.eduIts CenterNoneNetWork
***********@nau.eduMason GeretyNoneLinkedin
******@nau.eduAmber SuttonNoneLinkedin
******@nau.edu[Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
****************@nau.eduAnderson AndersoncharlesbNoneLinkedin
****@nau.eduSandra WheelerNoneLinkedin
*****@nau.eduRoxane SNoneLinkedin
*****@nau.edu- -NoneLinkedin
******@nau.edu[email protected]NoneLinkedin
Name: Cline Library
Founded: 1899
Address: 321 Mcmullen Cir
City: flagstaff
Country: US
Postal Code: 86011
SIC: 841201
State: AZ

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