Njcu Edu Email Address List

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EmailFull NameTitleSource
****@njcu.eduThomas LeeAthletics staffNetWork
*******@njcu.eduGeorge DeaverAthletics staffNetWork
******@njcu.eduDarryl brownVice president-marketingNetWork
***********@njcu.eduSergio villamizarAdjunct professorNetWork
*********@njcu.eduWanda RutledgeAlumni affairsNetWork
******@njcu.eduChris bollaProduction managerLinkedin
**********@njcu.eduRobert drolletteFood safety inspectorLinkedin
********@njcu.eduBridget wikidalInformation technology services common management systemsLinkedin
********@njcu.eduDesira hernandezChief operating officerLinkedin
******@njcu.eduTravis elrodVice presidentLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduCassandra downardData analystLinkedin
********@njcu.eduRonald sanjoseDirector infrastructure intergrationLinkedin
*****@njcu.eduJoe fahyOffice manager and safetyLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduMarc hollowayDirector, facilities and property managementLinkedin
******@njcu.eduPat o'haraHead football coachLinkedin
******@njcu.eduHenry lewisCareer and technology/principles of information technologyLinkedin
******@njcu.eduDon groveOwnerLinkedin
******@njcu.eduKurt karelOperations executiveLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduVela cokleskiExecutive assistant to vice president information technologyLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduMichael beckerVice presidentLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduHolly mackieDirector of social servicesLinkedin
******@njcu.eduJeff jamesManagerLinkedin
********@njcu.eduCheryl crowleyVice president information systemsLinkedin
*****@njcu.eduMichael roweManager, information technologyLinkedin
********@njcu.eduMichael sheldonInformation technology professionalLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduBrian byrnesVice presidentLinkedin
********@njcu.eduDennis parsleyManagerLinkedin
******@njcu.eduAlan irvanOperations contactLinkedin
*****@njcu.eduEric eichensehrChief technology officerLinkedin
********@njcu.eduJanet bouletteRecreation directorLinkedin
********@njcu.eduDavid butterlyDirector operationsLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduMichelle muiMarketing program managerLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduJames williamsonDirector of imaging servicesLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduMarc mckinleyMarketing operations managerLinkedin
**********@njcu.eduKenneth YamaguchiProfessorLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduJudith GalangSecurityLinkedin
********@njcu.eduDan SamfordVice presidentLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduAndrea FontenotPublic works directorLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduRichard KalinaOwnerLinkedin
*****@njcu.eduRodney LindInformation technologist specialistLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduKarl RandallManagerLinkedin
********@njcu.eduBruce BrodnanOwnerLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduDesmond FullerInformation technology directorLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduJohn BeckerSafety managerLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduKim SmithDirector of operations and facilitiesLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduMichael StoddardInformation technology directorLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduCarol YuknisDirector technical serviceLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduJames HamiltonChief operating officerLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduKevin WiltseSenior ip network engineerLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduAnn HolmesCorporate marketing coordinatorLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduJohn MorrisSenior vice president ww marketingLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduPaula PetersManagerLinkedin
*****@njcu.eduAndrew ChanManager-information systemsLinkedin
******@njcu.eduConnie BatesBudget analyst v-executive vice president and provostLinkedin
******@njcu.eduLindsay GradyDirector, marketingLinkedin
****@njcu.eduJanet RusMarketing managerLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduKevin HamiltonVice president customer service sales and marketingLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduCharlie ScheflenPresidentLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduBetsey CummingDirectorLinkedin
*****@njcu.eduScott JuddCorporate director information technologyLinkedin
******@njcu.eduBud NowakDirector of sales and marketingLinkedin
********@njcu.eduBrian ShadoinDirector of operationsLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduRuth ValenzuelaChief technology officerLinkedin
*****@njcu.eduDiane AlexOwner/operations executiveLinkedin
**********@njcu.eduJack RatcliffeDirector finance and operationsLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduRobert KirouacMaintenance directorLinkedin
********@njcu.eduGuy FessendenChief operating officerLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduBengt WilliamsDirector-marketingLinkedin
********@njcu.eduPatricia BullockVice president of network and operationsLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduAnita EverettDirector information technologyLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduMike AndersonAccount operations managerLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduRita GazellData services coordinatorLinkedin
********@njcu.eduMike WilkinsNetwork administratorLinkedin
********@njcu.eduAlex CserenyiMaintenance directorLinkedin
******@njcu.eduDesiree SmithAdministration director seminar and logistics coordinatorLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduLouise HarrisClinical directorLinkedin
******@njcu.eduKen SaitoOperations executiveLinkedin
*******@njcu.eduDiane CabralDirector, support servicesLinkedin
********@njcu.eduKenneth YoungerDirector, vice presidentLinkedin
********@njcu.eduKen BonillaOwnerLinkedin
******@njcu.eduStephen KinchInformation technology developerLinkedin
****@njcu.eduDebra GuyInformation technology directorLinkedin
********@njcu.eduMike SyrstadPresidentLinkedin
*********@njcu.eduStephanie BucholtzMarketing and software and service and information technologyLinkedin
Name: University Academy Chrtr High
Founded: 1927
Address: 275 W Side Ave
City: jersey city
Country: US
Industry: elementary & secondary schools
Postal Code: 07305
SIC: 821102
State: NJ

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