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EmailFull NameTitleSource
**********@ocean.eduTracey DonaldsonAssistant vice president human resourcesNetWork
******@ocean.eduJennifer FazioAdjunct instructorNetWork
******@ocean.eduAlison NooneCoordinator of volunteerism and prograNetWork
******@ocean.eduJanet HubbsAssistant to president for inst effectivenessNetWork
********@ocean.eduAlexa Beshara-BlauthExecutive directorNetWork
*****@ocean.eduBuck marshallVice president, sba and commercial loan officerLinkedin
******@ocean.eduVance lewisInformation technology directorLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduJason bathDirector, database and technologyLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduSheryl lenhartAssociate professor, computer systemsLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduDave hensleySystem administrator and web programmerLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduMichelle vanarmanDirector of database and fulfillment operationsLinkedin
***@ocean.eduLorraine newtonComputer lab assistantLinkedin
******@ocean.eduEric lucasInformation technology and operations managerLinkedin
***@ocean.eduTuyen vuPrincipal software engineerLinkedin
***@ocean.eduMike tangInformation technology managerLinkedin
***@ocean.eduDavid lyWireless managerLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduJessica woodworthSenior network contracting managerLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduTonya williamsInformation technology managerLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduChris doucetAce hardware foundation media contactLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduSteve parhamWarehouse manager and information technology administratorLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduHeather milhime-simpsonManager data acquisiion and cleansingLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduRemo duranteInformation technology consultantLinkedin
******@ocean.eduDiana GattiStore trainer/human resources assistantLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduJon LarsonPresidentLinkedin
**********@ocean.eduJessica ZawerczukMarketing coordinator, grunin center for the artsLinkedin
****@ocean.eduLauren DixLms administratorLinkedin
**************@ocean.eduFulvio Cesco-CancianDirector of facilitiesLinkedin
********@ocean.eduTonnie SwindlePurchasing agentLinkedin
********@ocean.eduFrank IannoneDirector college safety and securityLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduTracey FatiganteOffice managerLinkedin
********@ocean.eduLenabell ManningHuman resources information systems supervisorLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduCharles CebulaAdjunctLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduMark WilsonDirector of cultural affairsLinkedin
************@ocean.eduLisa DibisceglieAssociate vice president of academic affairsLinkedin
******@ocean.eduSandra BrownProfessor of english and humanitiesLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduSherri BrayAssistant director of special events and advancementLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduLinda CanobbioActing dean of mathematics, science, and technologyLinkedin
**********@ocean.eduJack KelnhoferDean of e-learningLinkedin
******@ocean.eduAl LongoTransitional vice president of e-learning and learning enterprisesLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduJoanne SullivanPrimary bookkeeper iLinkedin
********@ocean.eduDonna CarboneAssistant director of campus servicesLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduMargaret ZackeoAdministrative assistantLinkedin
******@ocean.eduLeah SaviaAcademic administratorLinkedin
******@ocean.eduWanda JonesAdministrative assistantLinkedin
********@ocean.eduGeorge BuonanoComputer technicianLinkedin
******@ocean.eduDon ObleySecurityLinkedin
******@ocean.eduGeri RyderPorfessor of historyLinkedin
********@ocean.eduPatricia KennedyAssociate professorLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduMaureen [Not Provided]Manager, web servicesLinkedin
******@ocean.eduSusan FrickPrincipal bookkeeper iLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduWanda GonzalezAdministrative assistant school of social scienceLinkedin
******@ocean.eduDeborah DaleyExecutive assistantLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduNat BardInstructor, fine artsLinkedin
********@ocean.eduMark BowcockBuyerLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduCeleste JamersonManagerial technicianLinkedin
**********@ocean.eduVicki McmillianProfessorLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduMargaret HarrisAdjunctLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduBridget RootOffice manager of registrationLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduNancy MattucciSis coordinatorLinkedin
***********@ocean.eduSara WinchesterExecutive vice president of finance and administrationLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduKathleen NelsonOffice administrator and ucc code administratorLinkedin
********@ocean.eduArthur WaldmanAssociate professor speech and theatreLinkedin
******@ocean.eduJoy PressAdm assistantLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduChristopher RuthInstructorLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduPatricia DefelicaTeacherLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduLaura RickardsDirector educational opportunity fund and center for access and equityLinkedin
********@ocean.eduKarl KleinerAssociate professorLinkedin
**********@ocean.eduJohanna McconnellAuxiliary services coordinatorLinkedin
****@ocean.eduRobert BalBuildings and grounds leaderLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduLinda AtanasioAdministrator assistantLinkedin
********@ocean.eduKim KamarisCollege lecturerLinkedin
**********@ocean.eduDianna JaramilloSocial scienceLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduHarry RobinsonAdjunct professor - mathLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduStacy NekervisAdjunct professorLinkedin
******@ocean.eduConnie BelloExecutive assistant to the presidentLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduLillian MorroccoHuman resources department supervisorLinkedin
******@ocean.eduA.J. TrumpTbdLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduJere SlagelFacilities/operations directorLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduHoward HendleyPolicy directorLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduCaroline JohanningInformation technology sapLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduJeff DavidsonOwnerLinkedin
***@ocean.eduRick LyNetwork engineerLinkedin
***@ocean.eduDeryck MaughanVice president information technologyLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduErika McgoldrickInformation services assistantLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduJerry SmithDirector, office of information systemsLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduBenjamin LikonaWeb localization managerLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduBrianna HradnanskyDirector of information technology systemsLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduHenry KeatonSenior manager, software developmentLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduJim ThompsonWeb application managerLinkedin
*****@ocean.eduRobert RiskManagement information systems directorLinkedin
******@ocean.eduMarty GluckSenior vice president, information technologyLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduMalai StalinSoftware development managerLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduBrad O'NeillSenior vice president marketing and businessLinkedin
*******@ocean.eduAyman AbukhaterSenior vice president of softwareLinkedin
*********@ocean.eduMike RaffaeleMarketing directorLinkedin
Name: Ocean County Vocational...
Founded: 1964
Address: 195 Cedar Bridge Rd
City: manahawkin
Country: US
Industry: schools-universities & colleges academic
Postal Code: 08050-3083
SIC: 822101
State: NJ

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