Ozarks Edu Email Address List

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EmailFull NameTitleSource
*******@ozarks.eduSteven wactelRgional vice presidentLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduAdrian cotigaPlant manager-howard plantLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduAlan pascoeSenior manager of product marketingLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduJohn DavisPresident and chief executive officerLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduKevin cokerSoftware project manager and systems enginLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduMark adamsSenior vice president, marketingLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduGerard lambOwnerLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduVictor kuchlerDeputy head medical administrator support servicesLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduLen johnsonNetwork services managerLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduGilcelia santosProduct marketing coordinatorLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduJeff leemanTechnology supervisorLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduJohn flaigInformation technologyLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduBill millerSenior vice presidentLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduMary kaiserShowcase manager-senior manager marketing comm and eventsLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduKeith dillerChief operating officerLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduBruce moatesOffice managerLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduJeffrey stephensonInformation technology associateLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduLisa wilcoxMarketing consultantLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduLam phamEngineer softwareLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduDarrell WilliamsDirector of purchasingLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduFlorence GalyDirector of marketing and global strategyLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduRaeann MeierAssistant coord enrollment communicationLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduSteve EdmistenSpecial assistant to the presidentLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduJerald StokesAdjunct instructor of marketingLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduZach DotySeo leaderLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduRandy HiltonBaum professor of marketingLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduTaylor PluggeAdmission counselorLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduRoy ParksResearch associate professorLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduKourtney RisherManager, kuoz 1005 fmLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduMelody JohnsonFinancial aid counselorLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduJana HartDean of admission and financial aidLinkedin
**********@ozarks.eduHeather McfarlandAssistant professorLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduGilbert ParksAssociate professorLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduDebbie CarltonAcademic support coordinatorLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduJosh PeppasSports information directorLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduBrown JacobProgram assistantLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduStuart StelzerDirector of the libraryLinkedin
**********@ozarks.eduJohn CossaboonSoccer coachLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduLarry IschDirector of university and public relationsLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduJustin BallProgram assisstantLinkedin
*********@ozarks.eduAndre WilliamsAssistantLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduMike QuallsChief facilities/physical plantLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduJeff ScacciaVice president for finance and administrationLinkedin
***********@ozarks.eduElissa HeilVice president for academic affairs/dean of the facultyLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduRebecca LesterDirector of major giftsLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduJoey HughesAssistant director of admissionLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduRobert WoffordAssociate professor of business/director of small business instituteLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduRick OttoDirector of information technologyLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduMichelle LovingSecretary for alumni relationsLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduVickie AlstonAssistant director, information technologyLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduPatricia PearsonAlumni secretary office of advancementLinkedin
***********@ozarks.eduKarla Harkreader-WoodDevelopment officerLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduLeslie CarterDirector of developmentLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduCyrus Smith Jr.Director of public safetyLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduBrett WoodDirector of alumni relationsLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduEldridge DebbieOffice managerLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduJulia FrostDirector, jones learning centerLinkedin
***********@ozarks.eduEllen InterranteDirector of marketingLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduDebbie PalmerAssistant vice president operatinsLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduScott SolomonDatabase administratorLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduRob BatemanVice president marketingLinkedin
**********@ozarks.eduJoanne GreenleafSenior vice president, marketing and salesLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduDennis SiggersNetwork engineering and operations planningLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduCory ArnoldItsm systems administratorLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduBob KhanVice president, sales and marketingLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduJoanne NelsonVice president, information technology and complianceLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduKyle PerryManager, information technology applicationsLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduIan PanterMarketing manager-leadershipLinkedin
******************@ozarks.eduColleen Aldamiz-EchevariaVice president, marketing and communicationsLinkedin
*********@ozarks.eduWesley RamsdaleVice president softwareLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduRebekah WeaverTeacher and music department head physical education and healthLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduRobert SmithPresidentLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduDeborah MaloneDirector sales and marketingLinkedin
*********@ozarks.eduErica BrossmanMarketing executiveLinkedin
******@ozarks.eduBruce MelbyPresidentLinkedin
*********@ozarks.eduJoe ChampionOwnerLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduRaul PicamanPresidentLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduMicha KernDirector of sales and marketingLinkedin
*******@ozarks.eduDouglas HooverMarketing coordinatorLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduPatricia AshbySenior manager organization developmentLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduJohn MacleanGlobal product manager infrastructure solutionsLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduBonnie DunnPhysical therapy directorLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduBernard MandellChief executive officer, legal counsel and director of financeLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduSteve OconnorOwnerLinkedin
***********@ozarks.eduStephan ClambanevaProduct marketing managerLinkedin
*********@ozarks.eduLizzie ReynoldsPresidentLinkedin
*****@ozarks.eduJeff TabbAssistant vice president, ecommerce omni-channel solutionsLinkedin
**********@ozarks.eduAnthony McconnellCommunications technicianLinkedin
********@ozarks.eduElizabeth MihalikCommunications executiveLinkedin
****@ozarks.eduWey-Jiun LinSenior product design engineerLinkedin
Name: University of the Ozarks, Clarksville
Founded: 1834
Address: 415 north college avenue
City: clarksville
Country: US
Industry: student intellectual development, student social development, student spiritual development, student support, philanthropy
Postal Code: 72830
SIC: 823109
State: AR

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