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EmailFull NameTitleSource
*****@pima.eduDavid dorePresident of campuses and executive vice chancellorNetWork
***********@pima.eduMaria VasilievaResearch project managerNetWork
*******@pima.eduMissy blairAdvanced program manager, center for transportation trainingNetWork
************@pima.eduJohn FarrellProgram coordinatorNetWork
********@pima.eduShelley SemlerFiscal advanced specialistNetWork
**********@pima.eduJorge CamarilloStudent services specialistNetWork
**************@pima.eduWilliam J HowardAssistant vice chancellorNetWork
***************@pima.eduKaren Hymer-ThompsonWodNetWork
*************@pima.eduMegan frazierManagerLinkedin
*******@pima.eduDouglas hamiltonDirector of admissionLinkedin
***************@pima.eduMargaret hornerQuality improvement ci data managerLinkedin
**********@pima.eduKim durhamClient service managerLinkedin
*******@pima.eduLarry longstrethGeneral manager parts consultant, departmentLinkedin
***************@pima.eduJeremy stamesonDirector operationsLinkedin
************@pima.eduHarold lewinManager help deskLinkedin
**************@pima.eduRobert jedinakPurchasing managerLinkedin
************@pima.eduAndrea beeryStudent - facilities engineering technologyLinkedin
********@pima.eduTim lambInternet managerLinkedin
*************@pima.eduBoyce fullmerLinux system administratorLinkedin
**************@pima.eduBryan hugerichManager it imacLinkedin
**************@pima.eduDonald zapponeMarketing executiveLinkedin
***********@pima.eduEd valentinProject management directorLinkedin
*************@pima.eduScott brogdonDirector of information technologyLinkedin
***********@pima.eduBryan allenExecutive director, enterprise information technology operationsLinkedin
*******@pima.eduJohn feuchtFuneral directorLinkedin
************@pima.eduJulia jolleyOnline marketing managerLinkedin
**********@pima.eduJim ayotteChief technology officerLinkedin
****************@pima.eduThomas frederickAssistant vice presidentLinkedin
*************@pima.eduAllyson dolenLearning and development program managLinkedin
****@pima.eduMark lamVice president, employee benefits complianceLinkedin
*************@pima.eduEvelyn wilsonVice president talent acquisitionLinkedin
**************@pima.eduKelly fontenotOffice manager athletic academic advisingLinkedin
*****@pima.eduEric reedInformation technology managerLinkedin
*****@pima.eduGlenda cookTraining directorLinkedin
***************@pima.eduMark armantroutInformation technology project managerLinkedin
*****@pima.eduLora givlerVice president of operationsLinkedin
**********@pima.eduJosh conryDirector computer servicesLinkedin
***********@pima.eduRobin goodeInformation technology managerLinkedin
**********@pima.eduDarrel maySenior vice president software engineerLinkedin
**************@pima.eduMary mcclellanMarketing research managerLinkedin
**********@pima.eduRyan levenDirector, services, support and client satisfactionLinkedin
**********@pima.eduLarry mackTraffic manager-lathrop divisionLinkedin
**********@pima.eduRon hensonInformation technology managerLinkedin
************@pima.eduTodd kesslerTraining managerLinkedin
**************@pima.eduJurgen scrinziHelp deskLinkedin
**************@pima.eduRajesh kaniyurDatabase administratorLinkedin
******@pima.eduMartin kirbyMarketing representativeLinkedin
**************@pima.eduGregory thomasPresidentLinkedin
*********@pima.eduDan BerrymanVice chancellor of human resourcesLinkedin
*******@pima.eduBethany O'BrienHuman resources specialistLinkedin
***************@pima.eduRosa ValenzuelaHuman resources analystLinkedin
********@pima.eduKellen RenshawIt advanced analystLinkedin
*******@pima.eduChallis LieuranceDirector, it network servicesLinkedin
**********@pima.eduSusan PritchettDrafting instructorLinkedin
**************@pima.eduCory HollingsworthSystems programmerLinkedin
**************@pima.eduMichael TulinoIt director - user support servicesLinkedin
*******@pima.eduDel DawleyPrincipal it analystLinkedin
************@pima.eduJody KosankeProgram director/lead faculty respiratory therapy programLinkedin
********@pima.eduSean MendozaChief technology officerLinkedin
***************@pima.eduLeticia AnduagaHuman resources managerLinkedin
****************@pima.eduCecilia ChavarinTeacher certification program instructorLinkedin
*******@pima.eduKevin MiltonManager, information technologyLinkedin
***************@pima.eduScott FergusonIt advanced analystLinkedin
*********@pima.eduKenny MalyszkoAdjunct instructional facLinkedin
**********@pima.eduDuff GaldaFaculty - education, special education, education technology, post-degree teacher education programLinkedin
*********@pima.eduMaggie RomanceDirector, organizational developmentLinkedin
********@pima.eduDamian AnzelmoIt technicianLinkedin
*******@pima.eduMargaret WhiteHuman resources specialistLinkedin
*********@pima.eduEvan GoldbergDirector information technologyLinkedin
*****@pima.eduJan PoszSenior buyerLinkedin
*******@pima.eduJeffrey MillerProgram director respiratory therapyLinkedin
***********@pima.eduGwendoline VazquezIt advanced analystLinkedin
********@pima.eduLee NicholsHuman resources directorLinkedin
***********@pima.eduLeslie WengHuman resources advanced manager - employee processing/hrisLinkedin
*****@pima.eduChristopher OwanCad professorLinkedin
********@pima.eduJennifer KatcherTeaching professionalLinkedin
*******@pima.eduCarol CarderMarketing/pr directorLinkedin
*********@pima.eduJamila CaamanoMarketing and pr coordinatorLinkedin
***********@pima.eduKaren HymerLaboratory specialist in photographyLinkedin
************@pima.eduSerena DavisLibrary technicianLinkedin
*********@pima.eduAndrea KooshianFull time english as a second language instructorLinkedin
***********@pima.eduKaren SmithDirectorLinkedin
*******@pima.eduAndrew RadtkeIt advanced analystLinkedin
*******@pima.eduLupita CabralEducatorLinkedin
********@pima.eduAubrey ConoverVice presidentLinkedin
************@pima.eduValerie DiazFiscal supervisorLinkedin
**************@pima.eduJames AldridgeCrew lead p!umberLinkedin
*****@pima.eduPhil RuhlInstructorLinkedin
*************@pima.eduChelsea JamesDirectorLinkedin
************@pima.eduAquino AlisaFiscal support technicionLinkedin
*******@pima.eduNina CorsonAcademic deanLinkedin
********@pima.eduWilliam WildmanInformation advanced analystLinkedin
******@pima.eduMaryann MunozStudent services specialistLinkedin
**************@pima.eduMark YoshinagaEnvironmental health and safety coordinatorLinkedin
********@pima.eduPat DanielsSupport specialistLinkedin
*********@pima.eduTatiana DiulgherLanguage laboratory technicianLinkedin
***********@pima.eduRobin SchulzkumpNoneLinkedin
********@pima.eduCandido MercadoNoneLinkedin
Name: Louis Carlos Bernal Art Gallry
Founded: 1969
Address: 2202 W Anklam Rd
City: tucson
Country: US
Industry: schools-universities & colleges academic
Postal Code: 85709
SIC: 822101
State: AZ

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