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EmailFull NameTitleSource
*********@prescott.eduK PreziosiRdp wilderness orientationNetWork
******@prescott.eduLaurie gilbrethFinancial aid associateNetWork
******@prescott.eduGeoff burnsDirectorLinkedin
*********@prescott.eduDavid schwandtProfessor of human and organizational learningbr/directorLinkedin
******@prescott.eduKathleen denisAssociate vice president it transferLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduDan garrisonFinancial analystLinkedin
*****@prescott.eduNate bumbSourcing/purchasing agentLinkedin
********@prescott.eduJennifer gudemanDirector of medical communicationsLinkedin
********@prescott.eduR. barceloManagerLinkedin
******@prescott.eduRandal pogueComputer serv supervisor/information systemsLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduJanis mathewsMaterials management directorLinkedin
********@prescott.eduBruce schneiderChief information officer/chief technology officerLinkedin
*****@prescott.eduErik myersInformation technology directorLinkedin
****@prescott.eduJulie weiAssociate directorLinkedin
*****@prescott.eduTanya lottVice president quality and trainingLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduCraig shellumOperations executiveLinkedin
******@prescott.eduDell wellsManager health information servicesLinkedin
******@prescott.eduAlan smoakAccounting managerLinkedin
********@prescott.eduJohn chwalibogManagerLinkedin
****@prescott.eduDebashish dasDc directorLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduPaula parkerSenior training and outreach specialistLinkedin
********@prescott.eduKathy bombardiereDirector of patient accessLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduElise cotterDirector managerLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduGreg gerdelResearch and operations chiefLinkedin
******@prescott.eduDavid groveVice presidentLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduKelly dundasInformation technology staffLinkedin
***********@prescott.eduTom FleischnerRdp facultyLinkedin
***********@prescott.eduPatricia Quinn-KaneAcademic counselorLinkedin
*******************@prescott.eduStephanie KrusemarkChief enrollment management and marketing officerLinkedin
*********@prescott.eduKristin WooleverChief executive officer; presidentLinkedin
******@prescott.eduBrad JamesWeb developerLinkedin
***********@prescott.eduKelsey ShawVice president finance and administrationLinkedin
****************@prescott.eduSturgis RobinsonDirector, institutional advancement and alumni relationsLinkedin
********@prescott.eduMichelle WhitmanDirector instructional technology and assessmentLinkedin
************@prescott.eduJoshua BiggsInstructor of photographyLinkedin
**********@prescott.eduPreston VandivierHub maintenance facilitatorLinkedin
******@prescott.eduLilla CabotInstructorLinkedin
**********@prescott.eduSharon CandelisePurchasing agentLinkedin
*********@prescott.eduNol CanigliaGraduate education program chairLinkedin
******@prescott.eduArlene UstinMaster of arts program map graduate mentor in education and adventure educationLinkedin
******@prescott.eduSusan YeichTucson center adp facultyLinkedin
******@prescott.eduJonathan ArndtJefferson county open schoolLinkedin
**********@prescott.eduPaul BurkhardtExecutive vice president for academic affairs and provostLinkedin
******@prescott.eduDave HannaInstructorLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduZoe HammerInstructor of interdisciplinary political studiesLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduYarrow CorymbField equipment warehouse technician iiLinkedin
****************@prescott.eduLindsay ClementsUndergraduate course mentorLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduKimberly MillerRipple project community outreach coordinatorLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduBarbara GarveyCoordinator, institute for sustainable social changeLinkedin
**********@prescott.eduCarla RellingerCoordinator, campus risk managementLinkedin
******@prescott.eduTina BlakeAssistant director of annual givingLinkedin
********@prescott.eduPeggy StaplesAdmissions counselorLinkedin
*****@prescott.eduVictoria AbelProfessorLinkedin
************@prescott.eduDavid WilsonField operations managerLinkedin
********@prescott.eduSteve MunsellRdp facultyLinkedin
******@prescott.eduCody BrownAdjunct instructorLinkedin
********@prescott.eduMark RiegnerProfessor of environmental studies environmental studies departmentLinkedin
******@prescott.eduPaul SmithDirectorLinkedin
********@prescott.eduCarmen WhittedAdmissions counselorLinkedin
**********@prescott.eduSheila SandersonProfessor, arts and lettersLinkedin
**************@prescott.eduLema NowickiAdministrator assistantLinkedin
******@prescott.eduRichard LewisLibrary, adp program directorLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduCory HoppleChief information officer/chief technology officer/chief security officerLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduChristine LoftinDirector of human resourcesLinkedin
*****@prescott.eduSteven PaceDean of resident programsLinkedin
*********@prescott.eduLisa LundbergCo-director of human resourcesLinkedin
***********@prescott.eduDeseree ZurcherAdvancement assistantLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduJenifer DonaldManagerLinkedin
**************@prescott.eduShayna BeasleyDirector of marketing and social mediaLinkedin
******@prescott.eduMarie SmithDirector of alumni relationsLinkedin
********@prescott.eduJordan AmermanProject managerLinkedin
*****@prescott.eduHeather HoukAgentLinkedin
************@prescott.eduEric WarthanDirector of information technologyLinkedin
***********@prescott.eduBrian SajkoIntegrated marketingLinkedin
***********@prescott.eduAshley MainsDirector for advancement communications and major giftsLinkedin
******@prescott.eduLee JamesRdp facultyLinkedin
****************@prescott.eduMichelle WhitmanDirector instructional technology and assessmentLinkedin
********@prescott.eduJonah Van TuylManager of information technology servicesLinkedin
********@prescott.eduMatthew EinsohnConstituent recruiter and funding developmentLinkedin
****************@prescott.eduChristine LoftinDirector of human resourcesLinkedin
***********@prescott.eduRobert Monk, MsEnrollment data and operations managerLinkedin
*********@prescott.eduEileen ChalfounLibrary directorLinkedin
********@prescott.eduShayna BeasleyDirector of marketingLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduDana OswaldMedia resource center managerLinkedin
**********@prescott.eduDirector Chef Mark Montague, Cattering M AndrewsNoneNetWork
**************@prescott.eduJen MasonNoneLinkedin
******@prescott.eduJohn CananNoneLinkedin
*********@prescott.edu[Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
*************@prescott.eduKelsie CastroNoneLinkedin
*******@prescott.eduMary CauseyNoneLinkedin
*************@prescott.eduTerri PearsonNoneLinkedin
*****@prescott.eduJohn GistNoneLinkedin
**********@prescott.eduJames WardNoneLinkedin
Founded: 1966
Address: 2233 E SPEEDWAY BLVD
City: tucson
Country: US
Industry: schools-universities & colleges academic
Postal Code: 85775
SIC: 822101
State: AZ

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