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EmailFull NameTitleSource
*****@saumag.eduMike argoDirector of information technology servicesNetWork
*******@saumag.eduKimberly KeithDirectorNetWork
*******@saumag.eduMason PowersStudent athleteNetWork
********@saumag.eduNeelie DobbinsAssistant professor of educationNetWork
********@saumag.eduJudith TrowellProgram manager, math and science partnership grantsNetWork
********@saumag.eduTraci HughesCollege of business instructorNetWork
******@saumag.eduLisa TomsDeanNetWork
*************@saumag.eduJeremy LangleyAssistant to the president for special projects anNetWork
********@saumag.eduLavana KindleSupplemental instruction coordinatorNetWork
*********@saumag.eduKim ulbergE-learning developerLinkedin
******@saumag.eduMarianne pohlVice president of finance and human resourcesLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduSonja talesnikDirector of property administration and assistant general counselLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduJames macyntyreInformation technology directorLinkedin
********@saumag.eduGray kurfeesManager, information technology distribution salesLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduFrank sadvarManagerLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduGisele cinquiniTraining managerLinkedin
********@saumag.eduBobby fisherOwnerLinkedin
*************@saumag.eduDonald schleicherLearning and technology svsLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduMakenzi HamiltonAdmissions counselor/recruiterLinkedin
********@saumag.eduDavid RankinSouthern arkansas university presidentLinkedin
******@saumag.eduDaniel GallegosSidLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduDonna AllenVice president for student affairsLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduRoger GilesVice president for administration and general counselLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduArjun BollamGraduate studentLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduWhitney HallDirectorLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduJasper LewisAssociate vice president of facilitiesLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduJeff JesterChief of policeLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduGary HicksonAssistant director information technologyLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduJosh KeeAssistant vice president for developmentLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduTammy SimsHuman resources managerLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduSheila PearsonAssociate professor of management information systemsLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduGary O'DellAdministrative assistantLinkedin
****************@saumag.eduAnuroop SudanaguntaStudentLinkedin
****************@saumag.eduDavid DeseguirantDirector of choral activitiesLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduDel DukeDirectorLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduGary HicksonAssistant director, networks, telecommunications and user supportLinkedin
************@saumag.eduRobbye TaylorDirector grants researchLinkedin
**************@saumag.eduMary UniversityAccounting techLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduMegan MayeInterim story arena managerLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduAaron WallisUniversity photographer/videographerLinkedin
************@saumag.eduCledis StuartAssociate dean of diversityLinkedin
************@saumag.eduShelly WhaleyAssociate dean for enrollment servicesLinkedin
*************@saumag.eduChrissie DavisAdjunct professorLinkedin
************@saumag.eduRachel TaylorAccountantLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduJana WalkerDirector, early intervention servicesLinkedin
************@saumag.eduMegan MccurdyAssistant director of developmentLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduHong ChengAssociate professorLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduPaul BabbittAssociate professorLinkedin
************@saumag.eduCynthia BlakeEducation renewal zone administrator specialistLinkedin
******@saumag.eduLatricia DavisAssistant to the presidentLinkedin
************@saumag.eduConnie RogersAdministrative assistantLinkedin
************@saumag.eduPatrick EdgarDirector, mpa programLinkedin
*************@saumag.eduAbraham TuckerAssistant professor of biologyLinkedin
************@saumag.eduEdgar JohnsonSkilled trades supervisorLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduJames ClarkAssociate professorLinkedin
************@saumag.eduSteve KanimbaFootball film coordinatorLinkedin
************@saumag.eduCarla WilliamsonDirector of upward boundLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduKim BlossDean, school of graduate studies and researchLinkedin
*************@saumag.eduSandra GrissomAdministrative specialistLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduCarey BakerAssociate dean of studentsLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduClaude BakerCoordinator of alumni research and professor of biologyLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduJames RasmussenChairLinkedin
************@saumag.eduRonnie WatsonAssistant professor of managementLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduChristine PachecoAssociate registrarLinkedin
************@saumag.eduSandra HughesDean of studentsLinkedin
****************@saumag.eduDarius StricklandManager of athletic facilitiesLinkedin
******@saumag.eduBoyd GoodAssistant chief of policeLinkedin
********@saumag.eduJamie DodsonAdministrative assistant, office of the registrarLinkedin
********@saumag.eduLaura ShireyStaffLinkedin
**************@saumag.eduMarcela Mcrae-BrunsonDirector of financial aidLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduDavid RankinPresidentLinkedin
****************@saumag.eduStephanie ManningAssistant director - upward boundLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduJeanie BismarkExecutive directorLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduSarah MickeyAssistant director of bandsLinkedin
********@saumag.eduMichael ArgoDirector of information technology servicesLinkedin
******@saumag.eduTammy SimsHuman resources managerLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduAnn BridgesAssistant to the alumni directorLinkedin
********@saumag.eduSteve SuttonAssistant director of admissions (recruiting)Linkedin
************@saumag.eduEunice WalkerDirector of student support servicesLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduDavid CfaPresidentLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduJosh JenkinsManager of web communicationsLinkedin
*************@saumag.eduGerald PlumleeAssistant professor of managementLinkedin
**************@saumag.eduDaniel GrimmettAssistant director of information technologyLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduRoger GilesVice president for administrationLinkedin
**************@saumag.eduJackson MccurdyAssistant director of athletics for external operationsLinkedin
*************@saumag.eduChristie HoughMba directorLinkedin
*************@saumag.eduJan KiilsgaardDirector, atepLinkedin
*******@saumag.eduStacy AllenMath specialistLinkedin
***************@saumag.eduLesley RobertsonPayroll managerLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduSteve BrowningDirector of athletics/head baseball coachLinkedin
********@saumag.eduAbdeo BachriEngineering and engineer physicsLinkedin
******@saumag.eduMike ArgoDirector of information technology servicesLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduDaniel GallegosSports information directorLinkedin
************@saumag.eduPeggy WaltersAssistant prpfessorLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduPatricia WilliamsHuman resources specialistLinkedin
***********@saumag.eduShawana ReedVice president for financeLinkedin
**********@saumag.eduPaul MclendonVice president, financeLinkedin
*********@saumag.eduSteven BrowningNoneLinkedin
Name: Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society
Founded: 1909
Address: Sau Box 9403 100 E University Ave
City: magnolia
Country: US
Industry: aacsb accredited college of business, mpa, med, online nursing degree, mba, ms, renowned agriculture & criminal justice programs, mat, higher education
Postal Code: 71753
SIC: 823109
State: AR

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