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EmailFull NameTitleSource
************@shu.eduVictor gomezEsports teams advisorNetWork
**************@shu.eduBrian SheppardProfessorNetWork
*************@shu.eduSharon CaroneAdministrative assistant to the office of the chaplain, office of special programs and the office of student servicesNetWork
************@shu.eduLori ThimmelDirector of alumni relations and programmingNetWork
*****@shu.eduLouis pappasProject directorLinkedin
********@shu.eduMatt griffinInformation technology managerLinkedin
*********@shu.eduManjiri kulkarniOperations specialistLinkedin
******@shu.eduCandy blochTraining and development managerLinkedin
*****@shu.eduCurt hahnMeetings and member attendance co-directorLinkedin
*************@shu.eduCarol cameronDirector of member servicesLinkedin
**************@shu.eduCindy monaweckProgram specialist, education and learningLinkedin
*******@shu.eduMerilee giddingsSenior directorLinkedin
***********@shu.eduPaul jowettPartnership marketingLinkedin
*******@shu.eduDawn debartoloAdministrative associate computer scienceLinkedin
********@shu.eduKaren robbinsSenior business systems analyst, assistant vice presidentLinkedin
*************@shu.eduMitchel greenDirector of quality controlLinkedin
***********@shu.eduMichael dalexanderVice president and publisherLinkedin
*******@shu.eduRae montgomeryChildrens center director north attleboro branchLinkedin
*************@shu.eduCarrie brutonManager of marketingLinkedin
*********@shu.eduBen pountneyInformation technology business analystLinkedin
*******@shu.eduElsa escaleraAssociate medical director for hiv clinical servicesLinkedin
******@shu.eduCathy bevanVice president, human resourcesLinkedin
*******@shu.eduJudy bashamFinance executive purchasing agentLinkedin
*******@shu.eduNancy caputoMarketing stategistLinkedin
**********@shu.eduRoger nicholsonHuman resources compliance and regulatoryLinkedin
************@shu.eduMark knowlesPrincipal software engineerLinkedin
*************@shu.eduThomas forneyManager revenue and reimbursementLinkedin
*******@shu.eduDavid rankinManager of online learningLinkedin
*******@shu.eduScott heliasDirector of online marketingLinkedin
****@shu.eduWenqin zhuChina head of private lending unitLinkedin
*******@shu.eduDenise burgessDirector of laboratoryLinkedin
*******@shu.eduBeth bensonInformation technology directorLinkedin
*****@shu.eduJamie slyterActivities directorLinkedin
********@shu.eduJane JacobsDirector, benefits, compensation and recruitmentLinkedin
********@shu.eduHéctor R LozadaAssociate professorLinkedin
*************@shu.eduSean MccarthyAssistant director of digital engagement and benefitsLinkedin
*************@shu.eduErique CalvinLinux\storage\vm administratorLinkedin
********@shu.eduEva GaleAssistant director, classroom and event supportLinkedin
**************@shu.eduBabette BrooksBenefits specialistLinkedin
*******@shu.eduDennis GarbiniVice president finance and technologyLinkedin
************@shu.eduBernd WalterExecutive director, university it servicesLinkedin
*************@shu.eduDan KalmansonAssociate vice president for pLinkedin
**************@shu.eduJepthaw ScipioProject portfolio manager, it servicesLinkedin
**************@shu.eduStephen LandryChief information officerLinkedin
*************@shu.eduPaola HegedusResident assistantLinkedin
********@shu.eduFrenchie EllingstonProcurement clerkLinkedin
*************@shu.eduThomas OrbaczAssistant director of facilities and operationsLinkedin
***************@shu.eduMichael SoupiosAssociate director - tltcLinkedin
*****************@shu.eduCatherine BianchiDirector - graduate admissionsLinkedin
**********@shu.eduKeith CookAssistant dean of alumni and developmentLinkedin
************@shu.eduJohn BorgeseDirector, corporate alumni relationsLinkedin
***********@shu.eduDean HurleyDirector of user experienceLinkedin
***************@shu.eduJeff BattaglinoIt director, service management, compliance and securityLinkedin
****************@shu.eduFrancis SweigartDirector of systems supportLinkedin
***************@shu.eduReesa GreenwaldDirector, the career centerLinkedin
*****************@shu.eduJonathan CrossleyDirector of softball operationsLinkedin
********@shu.eduTonny FooSenior network infrastructure engineerLinkedin
**************@shu.eduMohamed ZahranSenior systems administratorLinkedin
**************@shu.eduJohn FernandesDirector, pc support servicesLinkedin
*****************@shu.eduCourtney StarrettAssistant professorLinkedin
**************@shu.eduBelliah TheiseIt budget managerLinkedin
*****************@shu.eduMatt StevensonDirector, networking and architectureLinkedin
***************@shu.eduBrigeete BryantAssociate vice president for developmentLinkedin
*************@shu.eduSandro TejadaDirector of major gifts - parents programLinkedin
********@shu.eduJenny PuInvestment - otherLinkedin
************@shu.eduRebecca BellAssistant director leadership developmentLinkedin
***********@shu.eduPaul FisherChief information officerLinkedin
********@shu.eduKeith BarrosAssociate executive director of information technologyLinkedin
************@shu.eduSergio OlivaFinanceLinkedin
****************@shu.eduMarianne GreeleyDirector of budget and operations, college of education and human servicesLinkedin
**************@shu.eduTerri DemarestDirector, compensation, benefits and employmentLinkedin
*************@shu.eduDaniel NugentInterim assistant vice president of alumni relationsLinkedin
********@shu.eduAthar MurtuzaAssociate professor of accountingLinkedin
************@shu.eduAlexis IhekeMarketing work studyLinkedin
********@shu.eduCraig BeckerAssistant vice president of financeLinkedin
********@shu.eduGary L. Clark, IiWeb development managerLinkedin
***************@shu.eduDiana MinakakisDirector of graduate admissionsLinkedin
*************@shu.eduDaniel TaylorDirector of business affairsLinkedin
********@shu.eduJulie BurkeyshuCoordinator, christian employment outreach (chief executive officer); adjunct instructorLinkedin
************@shu.eduJames SibrelOffice assistantLinkedin
******************@shu.eduCarolyn BentivegnaNoneLinkedin
********@shu.eduKarissa AgostoNoneLinkedin
**************@shu.eduAhmed MetwallyNoneLinkedin
Name: Seton Hall University - Peter W Rodino Jr Law Libr
Founded: 1951
Address: 1 Newark Ctr
City: newark
Country: US
Industry: colleges & universities
Postal Code: 07102
SIC: 822102
State: NJ

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