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EmailFull NameTitleSource
**************@uaccb.eduCheston CooperNetwork administratorNetWork
********@uaccb.eduTamara GriffinDivision chair of btpsNetWork
*******@uaccb.eduJane ParkerSocial science instructorNetWork
*******@uaccb.eduElizabeth TurnerAccounting/computer software instructorNetWork
****@uaccb.eduBecky UtzPn instructorNetWork
********@uaccb.eduBill JacksonCustodial service/shift supervisorNetWork
******@uaccb.eduKristen CrossDirector - financial aidNetWork
********@uaccb.eduKathleen McnameeCwce directorNetWork
*******@uaccb.eduLani BeagleAssistant director - financial aidNetWork
********@uaccb.eduLinda BennettDirector - libraryNetWork
*****@uaccb.eduJeff moanSenior implementaion and training consultantLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduAlka pintoLearning managerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduAshley currentCommunity outreach and service learning staffLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduMengkun yangAssistant professor, computer scienceLinkedin
***********@uaccb.eduAnn faccioliniInformation technology management managerLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduTraci wardDirector of domestic marketingLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduTom fuhrerDirector-structural departmentLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduOwen bartonChief information security officerLinkedin
*************@uaccb.eduErica BledsoeAdmissions counselorLinkedin
***********@uaccb.eduBray BrooksCommunications and marketing coordinatorLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduLawrence BrownChemistry and math instructorLinkedin
************@uaccb.eduRandy ScaggsDirector of enrollment managementLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduSusan TrippDivision chairLinkedin
***********@uaccb.eduHeath WooldridgeMaintenance managerLinkedin
*********@uaccb.eduTina PaulDirector of developmentLinkedin
***********@uaccb.eduAndrea DitoAdult education instructorLinkedin
**************@uaccb.eduTamara GriffinDivision chair business, technology and public serviceLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduAllana HuckabaAdministrative assistantLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduCassie mossInformation technology security access management managerLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduAmy benefieldChief technology officerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduIrene korberAdministrator support assistant, college of communication and educLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduSelina allenLearning abroad centerLinkedin
*********@uaccb.eduChad deshotelMarket data managerLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduCalvin jacksonSenior computer analyst, electrical engineeringLinkedin
***********@uaccb.eduMartin deisenrothHead of network serviceLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduChristopher colwellSoftware engineerLinkedin
*********@uaccb.eduMike romanoffInformation technology directorLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduLance hendersonChief information officerLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduBeth beatyEnterprise service network engineerLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduChris bradleyInformation technology directorLinkedin
***@uaccb.eduHenry ohDirector-board of directorsLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduRandy smithSenior project directorLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduArlene rossChief administrative officerLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduDaphne diasWeb integrator relationship managerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduLois schlamOrganizational development directorLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduHeidi hunteTraining managerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduDan mckennaTraining managerLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduPhilip careySenior financial analystLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduMichelle martinControllerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduKaren silberSenior training and product support specialistLinkedin
**************@uaccb.eduGreg ThornburgVice chancellor for student affairsLinkedin
************@uaccb.eduEletha McelroyStudentLinkedin
*************@uaccb.eduPeggy JacksonPurchasing specialistLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduPeggy JacksonPurchasing agentLinkedin
************@uaccb.eduGayle CooperVice chancellor finance and administratorLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduClaudiu TomescuManager information technologyLinkedin
************@uaccb.eduAlan SvirchevskiDirector of marketingLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduTerrence BrennanMath and computer science teacherLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduJason CochranAccount manager-federal rational softwareLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduRon BurrellNetwork officerLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduLea LongMarketing marketpro placementLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduDennis O'NeillDirector organizational developmentLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduJennie WitterGeneral book/software buyer bookstoreLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduYeogak VrabelProduct marketing director, workflowrxLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduWanda PrevatteHipaa compliance directorLinkedin
**********@uaccb.eduKalpana ManoharanTechnical lead-information technology information systemsLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduMaria JewellGlobal learning channels managerLinkedin
*********@uaccb.eduGil LapointeInformation technology managerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduBrittany IngramBusiness officer clerical etc information technology servicesLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduJohn MackInformation technology managerLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduRick WhiteOperations managerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduLarry ThomasManagerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduStephen CrouseFacility engineeringLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduBruce GrayPresident of bayer cropscience k k, japanLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduMarcela PinerosSenior learning specialistLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduDeirdre MaurerInformation technology manager financial systemsLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduDavid PiperSenior manager of research and developmentLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduEssie BryanLearning specialistLinkedin
*********@uaccb.eduCraig RothrockSupervisor-network/security operationsLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduAndrea LittleResearch associateLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduSona KulpatiSoftware engineer lead ecommerce groupLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduLori VanyoCancer program medical directorLinkedin
****@uaccb.eduWendy RoyOwnerLinkedin
**************@uaccb.eduMichael WucherphennigPresident and chief operating officerLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduEllen SmithPresident and chief operating officerLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduMitchell YoungDirector of regulatory reporting operations and data qualityLinkedin
*****@uaccb.eduBetty HammondPurchaser/buyerLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduTony ElsassDirector tax operationsLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduDavid KocianFinance directorLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduStacie KreinbrinkDirector of health information management programsLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduMagda AmayaManager-faculty resource network program operationsLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduSaul HudsonCorporate vice president, global marketing communications groupLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduKaren NewtonQuality assurance directorLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduJimmy AppletonDirector-purchasingLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduTodd FrazierDirector, north america marketsLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduMeredith HansonDirector of programmingLinkedin
*******@uaccb.eduRosa JacksonVice president, principal accounting officer and controllerLinkedin
************@uaccb.eduLisa FrederiksenManagerLinkedin
******@uaccb.eduMichele CruseSpecial education directorLinkedin
********@uaccb.eduGarry CornellFacility managerLinkedin
Name: Ua Comm College-batesville
Founded: 1975
Address: Po Box 3350
City: batesville
Country: US
Industry: schools-universities & colleges academic
Postal Code: 72503
SIC: 822101
State: AR

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