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EmailFull NameTitleSource
********@uat.eduBrian KirouacAdjunct professorNetWork
************@uat.eduAlexandria DziedzinskiCurriculum resource and technology administratorNetWork
*****@uat.eduNoah DyerAdjunct professorNetWork
*******@uat.eduJames JustinProfessorNetWork
******@uat.eduDerric ClarkFaculty council chairNetWork
*******@uat.eduDiana MateerAssocdirector of financial aidNetWork
*****@uat.eduZachary PackLead campus safety officerNetWork
*******@uat.eduStaci MartinOrganizational development analystNetWork
*******@uat.eduJennifer WagnerMedia relations and event coordinatorNetWork
******@uat.eduJonathan FrumpAcademic affairs coordinatorNetWork
*******@uat.eduMary mchoseSenior vice president-operations, construction, store planning, real estateLinkedin
*******@uat.eduAndy binionSales representativeLinkedin
********@uat.eduLinda prakashSenior vice president of worldwide sales and marketingLinkedin
**********@uat.eduDonna steinbergSales executiveLinkedin
*****@uat.eduFrank mcfadenVice presidentLinkedin
******@uat.eduDennis vosProject managerLinkedin
*****@uat.eduJan baysSales consultantLinkedin
********@uat.eduScott gilliesHead of library information systemsLinkedin
****@uat.eduNick hemphillNetwork administratorLinkedin
*****@uat.eduKarla carlVice president operations/systems administratorLinkedin
*******@uat.eduMelanie bintonChief information officerLinkedin
**********@uat.eduAnita caldaroneVice president, sales and marketingLinkedin
*******@uat.eduLynn mcgunnigleProduction color sales executiveLinkedin
********@uat.eduDonna whitakerGeneral manager syp sales and marketingLinkedin
*******@uat.eduNikki spirakisGxp customer support and training managerLinkedin
*******@uat.eduPatricia herreraClient support analyst desktop media supportLinkedin
******@uat.eduFrank woodyOwner, presidentLinkedin
*******@uat.eduBrandon blakeyField applications specialistLinkedin
*********@uat.eduDarrell movafaghChief operating officerLinkedin
****@uat.eduBrian uhlMarketing directorLinkedin
*******@uat.eduJason cauldwellNetwork security managerLinkedin
*******@uat.eduBryce kasparSystems administratorLinkedin
*******@uat.eduHamib nehorayInformation technology directorLinkedin
*******@uat.eduJim nowackManager of information technology projectsLinkedin
******@uat.eduRobbie harringtonInformation technology systemsLinkedin
*********@uat.eduDebbie saulnierField sales engineerLinkedin
*******@uat.eduDebbie maskerHealth information systems managerLinkedin
********@uat.eduRon merrickSales manager, bioscience divisionLinkedin
********@uat.eduBethany paulineMachine salesLinkedin
*******@uat.eduSue paulsonBusiness intelligence database administratorLinkedin
********@uat.eduKenneth valcourtProject manager information technologyLinkedin
******@uat.eduMei changProgram directorLinkedin
**********@uat.eduDonald rodriguezSales managerLinkedin
*******@uat.eduDan dawsonOperations managerLinkedin
****@uat.eduAlan HromasDirector of marketing and communicationsLinkedin
*******@uat.eduKarla Aragon-JoycePresidentLinkedin
*******@uat.eduAlina LipseyStudent and career services advisorLinkedin
*******@uat.eduAlan HromasMarketing directorLinkedin
********@uat.eduKristina PerkinsInformation technology managerLinkedin
*********@uat.eduEnrique GonzalezSupervisor axiliarLinkedin
**********@uat.eduLindsay ConsalvosNew student advisorLinkedin
******@uat.eduGreg MilesNetwork security instructorLinkedin
*****@uat.eduBlake ButlerNetwork security administratorLinkedin
*@uat.eduJason PistilloPresidentLinkedin
*********@uat.eduJon MaclarenVice president-direct marketing servicesLinkedin
*******@uat.eduKeith SublettContractor-training specialistLinkedin
*******@uat.eduTravis MitchelarSoftware engineer-data warehousing and business intelligenceLinkedin
*******@uat.eduChris FislerDirector - marketingLinkedin
*******@uat.eduJared HelmingManager-information technology projectLinkedin
*****@uat.eduJane OdomVolunteer/for client services, events and meetings, and marketingLinkedin
*******@uat.eduCary MurphyChief engineerLinkedin
*********@uat.eduJennifer RandolphVice president marketingLinkedin
********@uat.eduBrad LentychMarketing assistantLinkedin
*******@uat.eduChris HamawiWeb executiveLinkedin
******@uat.eduKatie KautzVice president of sales and marketingLinkedin
****@uat.eduDoug JenkinsDirector of technology and assessmentLinkedin
*******@uat.eduMauricio EscobarEngineerLinkedin
******@uat.eduTeri DahmsDirector-marketingLinkedin
*****@uat.eduHeidi OwenProject manager information technologyLinkedin
*********@uat.eduAmber BhargavaChief marketing officerLinkedin
*************@uat.eduAndre SupermarketsPresidentLinkedin
*******@uat.eduAlan GarciaMarketing managerLinkedin
*********@uat.eduMark SilveiraOperating managerLinkedin
*******@uat.eduStacey ChamblissVolunteer services coordinator and webmasterLinkedin
******@uat.eduSteven BlairChief operations officerLinkedin
**********@uat.eduWendell FriedrichDirector of marketingLinkedin
******@uat.eduPam LemusFes marketing coordinatorLinkedin
*******@uat.eduPtee WagnerProduct manager of commercial marketingLinkedin
*******@uat.eduJohn SagoneManager-information technologyLinkedin
******@uat.eduRegis VogelAssociate director, web and data integrationLinkedin
************@uat.eduMartin ChristopherDirector, information technologyLinkedin
*********@uat.eduKen SchwartzDatabase administratorLinkedin
*******@uat.eduRebecca TorresExecutive marketing assistantLinkedin
**********@uat.eduLaure CarlstadtMarketing executiveLinkedin
********@uat.eduTimothy FreemanChief executive officerLinkedin
****@uat.eduJeff HolderClinical trials managerLinkedin
******@uat.eduMartin SandstrmChief technology officerLinkedin
********@uat.eduPatrick TessierComptroller, business operations divisionLinkedin
************@uat.eduBob CarrothersSales and marketing directorLinkedin
******@uat.eduWarren WhitneyApplications engineerLinkedin
**********@uat.eduJeffrey CotsonikaPresidentLinkedin
*********@uat.eduBrett DietrichPresidentLinkedin
*******@uat.eduPeter SchwobManager marketing and sales systemsLinkedin
***@uat.eduRob BryantManager, information systems middleware systemsLinkedin
*******@uat.eduGreg WatsonVice president, renal global marketingLinkedin
********@uat.eduHo LedfordVice president of corporate operationsLinkedin
*********@uat.eduBruce DonelsonPresidentLinkedin
*******@uat.eduPeter LipseyOwnerLinkedin
********@uat.edu[Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
*********@uat.eduNatasha Vita-MoreNoneLinkedin
Name: University of Advancing Tech
Founded: 1983
Address: 2625 W Baseline Rd
City: tempe
Country: US
Industry: colleges & universities
Postal Code: 85287
SIC: 822101
State: AZ

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