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EmailFull NameTitleSource
********@wsc.eduLoren KuceraDirector nebraska business deNetWork
********@wsc.eduPatricia arnesonProfessor of businessNetWork
********@wsc.eduChuck parkerCollege professorNetWork
********@wsc.eduMajid MirshahDirector marketing and salesNetWork
********@wsc.eduAndrew CostaInformation technicianNetWork
********@wsc.eduJeremy WyniaIt technician - communicationsNetWork
*******@wsc.eduAlexander NortonStudentNetWork
*******@wsc.eduSpencer MorrisInformation security internNetWork
*******@wsc.eduDonald millerParks and rec directorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduThierry diaganaHead of the novartis institute for tropical diseasesLinkedin
********@wsc.eduEllen hensleyMedical records directorLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduBill seskerInformation technology managerLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJohn sentorePresidentLinkedin
**********@wsc.eduNancy kostelebaVice president academic affairsLinkedin
**********@wsc.eduJill jorgensenSenior vice president of worldwide marketingLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduSuzie dalieyMedical records directorLinkedin
******@wsc.eduHeather neelyDirector of quality assuranceLinkedin
*****@wsc.eduDavid bellDirector of technical servicesLinkedin
***********@wsc.eduKen carambatosChief operating officerLinkedin
****@wsc.eduFrank wenDirector of quality and technologyLinkedin
*********@wsc.eduNancy dennisonFinance executiveLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduBarbara senichSenior vice president-product marketing and market researchLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMike brodskyVice president property managementLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAdam DobbinsDirector of athletics marketingLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMike BarryAssociate ad/facilitiesLinkedin
********@wsc.eduLinda AndersonAssistant athletic director for internal affairs/senior woman administratorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduKyle GreeneAssistant director, residence life - residence education and staff developmentLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJohn DunningChief information officerLinkedin
********@wsc.eduTricia MoyerMarketing coordinatorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduBarbara MeyerExecutiveLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMike PowickiAthletic directorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJim HansenMrLinkedin
********@wsc.eduKathy MohlfeldCounselorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduBrandon ZiskaCrime prevention officer wayne state college campus securityLinkedin
********@wsc.eduDelpha RileyOffice assistant ivLinkedin
********@wsc.eduLaura RobinettMentorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduDeborah LundahlDirector of major giftsLinkedin
********@wsc.eduKara WoehlerLearning skills specialist peer coordinatorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJohn KieltyHvac and energy managerLinkedin
********@wsc.eduKaye YoungAccountantLinkedin
********@wsc.eduTodd YoungProfessor of physics and astronomyLinkedin
********@wsc.eduEddie ElfersDirector of teaching and learning technicianLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJason KarskyProfessor, criminal justiceLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMark LeeperProfessorLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduSuzanne PennOffice assistant iiLinkedin
********@wsc.eduHeather ReinhardtCareer services specialistLinkedin
****@wsc.eduLoren KuceraDirector - nbdcLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMarilyn QuanceTechnical services coordinatorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduRonald LofgrenCollege professorLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduHannah LeeMath tutorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduDon HickeyProfessor of historyLinkedin
********@wsc.eduDeb MorlokOffice assistantLinkedin
**************@wsc.eduNicole MckennaInbre student researchLinkedin
**********@wsc.eduDebbie EnszCollege instructorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAngela MillerPart-timeLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJanell ScardinoDirector administrative systemsLinkedin
********@wsc.eduGustavo ZardenetaAssociate professorLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduCurt FryeVice president and dean of studentsLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAngela FredricksonVice president for administration and financeLinkedin
********@wsc.eduCandace TimmermanDirector of human resourcesLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMichael BealsTechnology support specialistLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduNick MuirAssociate chief information officerLinkedin
********@wsc.eduBeverly BuhrmAccountingLinkedin
********@wsc.eduLiam HockleyPeer tutorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduCheryl WaddingtonDirectorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduSharmin SikichAssistant professor of chemistryLinkedin
************@wsc.eduBrian KufnerAssistant professorLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduMark ZinkInterim assisant professor of biologyLinkedin
********@wsc.eduVaughn BensonDean, school of business and technologyLinkedin
********@wsc.eduBrett ParkerNetwork and technology servicesLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJosh PiersantiAssociate professor of graphic design; chair, department of art and designLinkedin
********@wsc.eduChad AltwineDirector of facility servicesLinkedin
***********@wsc.eduAdam DobbinsDirector of athletics marketingLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduRon VickCounselor/international student advisorLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAna BrookeNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduBrooke KleinschmitNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduTaylor HeldNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAaron TaylorNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduTaylor BurbageNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduPaige FrankNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduCody KralicekNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduWyatt SmithNoneLinkedin
*******@wsc.eduKarla PickNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJordan ZouchaNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMackenzie OliverNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAndrew [Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAlex FeeleyNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduThomas VanderheidenNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMegan [Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduBibiana LuevanoNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduKendall JacksNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJessica [Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduMarcela EstradaNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJake KruegerNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduAmanda HartmanNoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduXina [Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduHaley [Not Provided]NoneLinkedin
********@wsc.eduJanet GradoNoneLinkedin
Name: Conn Library
Founded: 1891
Address: 1111 Main St
City: wayne
Country: US
Industry: libraries-institutional
Postal Code: 68787
SIC: 823109
State: NE

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