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EmailFull NameTitleSource
**********@yc.eduSean HaganChief information security officerNetWork
**********@yc.eduJane HershDirector, learning centerNetWork
***********@yc.eduJoy DangeloBusiness faculty and program coordinatorNetWork
**********@yc.eduKen SchochEms program directorNetWork
***********@yc.eduJohn morganDean, school of career and technical educationNetWork
***********@yc.eduJames RiderTechnology technician specialistNetWork
**************@yc.eduWilliam earlesManager, systems and network servicesNetWork
*************@yc.eduIain davidsonAcademic technology specialistNetWork
*************@yc.eduBrian sheahanVice president of clinical, regulatory and quality affairsLinkedin
************@yc.eduDaniel kressDeputy director and chief economist, policy analysis and financingLinkedin
*********@yc.eduLeah letoAssistant vice president of advancementLinkedin
************@yc.eduGirish behalInformation technology project managerLinkedin
**********@yc.eduEddie byrdManager, communication channelLinkedin
***********@yc.eduMark goldenVice president sales americasLinkedin
**********@yc.eduBrad eckenrothVice president, administrationLinkedin
************@yc.eduMichael jettInformation security specialistLinkedin
*************@yc.eduDeborah aldenAdjunct instructor communications and creative mediaLinkedin
*********@yc.eduKay burnsDirector of nursingLinkedin
********@yc.eduDong lamInformation technology managerLinkedin
************@yc.eduCara workmanProgram director, university eventsLinkedin
**********@yc.eduDavid peckDatabase administratorLinkedin
********@yc.eduJohn utzExecutive vice president/specialized industries commercial financial servicesLinkedin
****************@yc.eduDavid wittenbergDirector innovation workgroupLinkedin
*****************@yc.eduJanine bousquetteInformation technology directorLinkedin
****************@yc.eduBridget nakamuraClinical information systems director, simi valley hospitalLinkedin
*******@yc.eduDoug cadmusInformation technology director ecommerceLinkedin
***********@yc.eduUmair iqbalSoftware developerLinkedin
**************@yc.eduMelissa bensonTraining supervisorLinkedin
************@yc.eduDave pechnerChief technology officerLinkedin
**************@yc.eduSean greenoughVice president of operationsLinkedin
******@yc.eduKrzystof kempaDirector of applications developmentLinkedin
*************@yc.eduDick campbellSenior consultant, information technologyLinkedin
**********@yc.eduIris adlerProgram managerLinkedin
**********@yc.eduJoy surdamCoordinator/instructor, teaching and learning centerLinkedin
***********@yc.eduRobert kingChief technology officerLinkedin
********@yc.eduMark oggManager, information technologyLinkedin
**************@yc.eduJoann newberryTechnology managerLinkedin
***********@yc.eduEdwin smithTraining and software supportLinkedin
*************@yc.eduHeath nielsenAthletic directorLinkedin
****************@yc.eduKoushik banerjeeDatastage, oracle technical consultant with american airlinesLinkedin
******************@yc.eduDeborah linebargerAssociate professor, teaching and learningLinkedin
**********@yc.eduAnita graySenior vice president of sales marketing and categoriesLinkedin
***************@yc.eduElizabeth marshDirector of corporate communications travel leisureLinkedin
**********@yc.eduChris willInformation technology manager managementLinkedin
********@yc.eduDan zaneDirector, corporate information technology servicesLinkedin
**************@yc.eduHannah kinnettPharmacy directorLinkedin
***********@yc.eduJohn larsonSenior vice presidentLinkedin
***************@yc.eduMichael mcguireNetwork administratorLinkedin
***************@yc.eduFelicia ToliverAcademic and career advisingLinkedin
**********@yc.eduMike LangeDirector for marketing and communicationsLinkedin
**************@yc.eduJennifer RileyCisco lab technicianLinkedin
*********************@yc.eduRuth Alsobrook-HurichProgram director - video game developmentLinkedin
*********@yc.eduKim EwingDivision deanLinkedin
**************@yc.eduMonica BelknapHuman resources directorLinkedin
**************@yc.eduDanny AndersonTechnology directorLinkedin
************@yc.eduSusan HoweryDeanLinkedin
***************@yc.eduLindsay HenningProfessor; business and computer scienceLinkedin
*************@yc.eduJuanita FelixAdminstrative assitantLinkedin
**********@yc.eduMatt BorjaWeb application developerLinkedin
***********@yc.eduJudie PinerAdministrator of preservation and technologyLinkedin
***********@yc.eduEckel TerriFinancial aid directorLinkedin
**************@yc.eduAlexandra HelmcorreaAdministrative coordinatorLinkedin
************@yc.eduRyan CougillHead coachLinkedin
**************@yc.eduJared ReynoldsInstructional designer and spanish instructorLinkedin
**************@yc.eduMark LaurentWeb systems administratorLinkedin
************@yc.eduRenee AlanisPurchasing and contracting assistantLinkedin
*************@yc.eduEileen CotterInstructorLinkedin
*************@yc.eduPatrick BurnsChief information officerLinkedin
*************@yc.eduDennis GarveyDean, lifelong learningLinkedin
***************@yc.eduDaneke KanarianLibrary assistantLinkedin
**************@yc.eduLinda BuchananCommunity education coordinatorLinkedin
***************@yc.eduDavid ChurchillTelecommunications specialistLinkedin
****************@yc.eduPatricia BerloweProgram administratorLinkedin
**************@yc.eduJeanelle FettySwim instructorLinkedin
******************@yc.eduAmber DaviessloanProfessorLinkedin
********@yc.eduJody WheelerAdjunct instructorLinkedin
**************@yc.eduKaren CarlisleDirectorLinkedin
**********@yc.eduSiena KaneLifeguardLinkedin
*************@yc.eduIain DavidsonAcademic technology specialistLinkedin
************@yc.eduMark ShelleyDivision dean--liberal artsLinkedin
**********@yc.eduBaker JahnInstructorLinkedin
*************@yc.eduJustin NaylorLibrarianLinkedin
*************@yc.eduMoses GliddenProfessor of englishLinkedin
**************@yc.eduDebbie RobertsHistorianLinkedin
**************@yc.eduTom SchumacherCampus executive deanLinkedin
***********@yc.eduRose HurleyDirector, human resourcesLinkedin
**************@yc.eduPaul SmolenyakProfessorLinkedin
*************@yc.eduNancy BennettAdministrative assistantLinkedin
***********@yc.eduKaren JonesManager of the regional economic development centerLinkedin
*****@yc.eduDavid WoofInstructorLinkedin
*************@yc.eduRyan BouwhuisDirector of purchasing and contractingLinkedin
************@yc.eduDuane RansomAssistant director budgetLinkedin
**************@yc.eduJerry ZarycznyMarketing specialistLinkedin
********@yc.eduRon LissVice president of instruction and student developmentLinkedin
**********@yc.eduTim DieschMarketing specialistLinkedin
************@yc.eduDrew LindseyElectronics technology - no cadLinkedin
*************@yc.eduFrank LopezChief of policeLinkedin
***************@yc.eduMarcia JacobsonNoneLinkedin
Name: Yavapai College Library
Founded: 1966
Address: 601 Black Hills Dr # 1
City: clarkdale
Country: US
Industry: libraries-institutional
Postal Code: 86324
SIC: 823109
State: AZ

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