Free Email Address Checker

What is Email Adress Checker?

Email Checker simplifies the process of verifying an email address. This user-friendly tool is both free and straightforward to use. Enter the email address and click the check button to swiftly determine its authenticity. It promptly indicates whether the provided email is real or fake. Please note that in some cases, it may label an email as "unknown" due to limitations or restrictions imposed by certain email providers. This might occur when providers discourage verification checks on their mailboxes.

How do we verify an email ?

Email verification begins by validating the email address format, ensuring it adheres to standard conventions. Next, it confirms the validity of the domain name while also checking if the email address is disposable. In the final step, the process involves extracting MX records from the domain's records. It establishes a connection with the email server using SMTP, simulating the sending of a message to verify the existence of the mailbox for that specific user or address. However, it's important to note that some mail servers may not cooperate, potentially affecting the accuracy of the verification results.

What results indicate that an email is good?


2.Valid_Format: 1.

3.Valid_Dns : 1.

4.Valid_Smtp: 1.

What results indicate that an email is not good?

1.In_blacklist: 1 .

2.Status: INVALID .